Friday, June 29, 2012

Fry 'em if ya got 'em!

Thursday, 28th June 2012, the hottest day of the month, AND summer so far this year. Temps in the low to mid 90's with Heat indexes in the 100's.

A special activities session was planned. The Altria Group, came in and staged a big bingo outside on the pavilion at 10am, and then we had a picnic. Chicken or pulled Pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad were served. By noon the tempature was already nearing 90 degrees. Then they had what I thought was a hillbilly band, play during the time of the Picnic. Then again at 2 there were more activities, and at 6pm, "Hark Up music Ministries came in an did a one time performance. All during the most blistering heatwave so far of this summer. 

How many old timers dang near suffered heat related illnesses? My gowd, isn't this administration smart enough to have tried to reschedule these events due to the health threat that heatwave posed to the elderly and to those with medical problems?

Apparently they are not.

Our THANKS go out to the Altria Group, who did put on a very nice Bingo, Picnic and  entertainment for us Veterans. We hope they come back next year, or even better yet, again this year.


  1. Great idea in theory and the Home got help around the grounds with some of their front beds which do look much improved with the new mulch.

    The Altria employees were amazing super stars working in that heat BUT also were in danger of having some heat related health issues. So...I do agree that for the health and safety of the Vets as well as the Altria workers maybe this should have been rescheduled or at least cut short.

    Another factor which is not mentioned in your blog (and definitely supports your position) is that the Home was lacking AC for large portions of the day starting in the AM so there was no relief for the workers as well as the Vets throughout the day.

    But, again the beds do look spruced up and thank you to those Altria employees for food, music and gardening work done. The administration, however, should have used better judgement.

  2. Rather than rescheduling, why couldn't these things be moved inside with the cooking done outside but food and entertainment delivered inside where it least there was some relief from the sun?
    Kosy Korner is right there. Obviously no thought went into problem weather conditions on the part of the administration. So I can only think if it had been windy, thundering and raining, the Vets would have been expected to go outside for that kind of weather also.


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