Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GRH4V Rumors for June.

Month of June Rumors:

Ive had 4 people within the last 3 weeks tell me that 2 veterans witnessed a member choking, and  that 2 health care people didn't even try to help him. Which resulted in his death.These members need to speak up and report it. If they do not, it could be them next time.

Is it true the home is trying to take over the Hunting Club?

Greg said he is talking to the ACLU about continuing the lawsuit against the home for blocking internet access to members. He says if the new computer/internet bill that was introduced by Congressman McGreggor, is killed off by the legislature finance committee, that he will ask the ACLU to continue the suit.

Members are noticing that last year, we had cook outs almost every weekend. This year there have only been two. They say it is because this administration has driving away all those service organizations that used to put them on. The administration says its due to the economy. I hear from the Service groups and they say its because of both.

After the June 20th fishing tournament, members went to the pavailian outside Kozy Corners for a fish fry that started at 2:30. They were supposed to be limited to 2 fish each, due to the low number of fish caught.
Apparently the planted fish were dumped into the pond and some were dumped into the feed stream where the water is extreamly low. And that night there was a bug hatch, so the fish ate all the bugs. Combined with 90 degree day with heat indexes close to 100 degrees, the fish did not bite much.

The problem was, not everyone who went got any fish. Apparently they ran out by 3.30 pm and some people got more than 2 fish to eat. In other words it is who you are that determines if the rules apply of only 2 fish each. It angered the people who went to get fish and got nothing.

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