Friday, June 15, 2012

The Truck

Second hand store truck.
This is the truck that has been coming to the Veterans home and loading up on things donated to the home, or for veterans.

When the veterans never get the items, it makes people stop donating.

And the home is reporting that donations are down, due to the economy.

So what are these trucks loading up with?

The "new" clothing room lacks any real stock.
First load
 If you go in there, its mostly empty space.
A  few items are presented, but if you are a guy who
is over weight, (as so many are) and need 4x sizes, you won't find any there!

Also, any Jeans over size 48 waist, are hard to find.
Many members have stated that the new clothing room doesn't have 1/4th what the old one did.

Does that mean everything is going to this second hand store?

Second Load
  Apparently someone is getting enough stuff to make over 8 loads to be put into the truck. I only took snapshots of 3.

Is this stuff donated items meant for veterans, which never got to them? Seems so.

The Truck comes 2 or 3 times a week it seems. And always loads up on things.

Third Load - with more to come

People who donate things FOR the veterans are learning to give them directly to the veterans, other wise they may end up on this truck.

Those are big piles of boxes being loaded. Wonder what was in them?

The new clothing room doesn't have anything for guys that are size 4x or bigger. And getting proper fitting shoes is almost a joke, if your feet are 3E or 4E wide.

The old clothing room had stacks of stuff. And lots of various sizes, super wide, and super thin and everything from guys size 24 to 58 inch waist pants of various lengths. Big and Tall, short and small shirts, jackets, everything except 4x or bigger underwear.And what ever they had, they usually had 10 or more of.

This new clothing room is lucky to have 1 of each of the common sizes out on the shelves.

And I wonder what happens to the stuff that is sent to this place called "in the image".. Is it sold, and if so, where does that money go? Does the home get any of it? Or does it end up in someones pocket? I am sure the current administration will never tell us the truth about it.

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