Friday, June 22, 2012

Ombudsman bill for GR vets home is Dead - Veterans continue to suffer.

The Bill introduced by State Congressman Peter McGreggor, for an ombudsman for the veterans at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, is dead. There are not enough republican votes to get it passed.

"HB6319 has been nothing more than smoke up our tails", said one supporter of the veterans. "It was meant to keep us busy so that we would not do other things."

Combined with the fact that acting Administrator Sara Dunne was officially made the permanent Administrator over the objections of many key people in Lansing, and after operating illegally as an unqualified and unlicensed administrator for over 12 months, many people now feel that the vets were intentionally screwed over by Governor Snyder and his  administration.

"If they can pass bills to help people in 24 hours like they did for the folks up north, why can't they do it here to help us?", another veteran asked in reference to a bill passed to help the people at the other Veterans home in Marquette.  "It just goes to show you, that they never had any real intention of helping us".

"Snyder says he is for veterans, but his actions say other wise", said Navy Veteran Greg. "We hear what he says, but look at the results of what he has done, and you will see, he is not FOR the veterans. And the same is true for Jim Dun, and the so called administrator of this place, Sara Dunne. What they say, and what their actions show us, are two different sets of facts. I mean what the results are of what they have done, show us that they are not FOR us either, but rather they are just doing a job."

And many at the home now believe that job is to help balance the state's budget on the backs of veterans.

"The Ombudsman would have made a major change for the better for these guys." said David, son of one of the WWII veterans here. "The level of service to these veterans has deteriorated so badly in the last 5 years that if I could, I would take Dad out of here and put him somewhere else, somewhere where I believe he would be treated better. And all of these guys deserve better than what they are getting now."

The veterans will Remember come November. I have a feeling some of those politicians will not be returning to Lansing for another term.

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