Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You claim you are for veterans? PROVE IT! Actions speak louder than words.

I am so sick of hearing how this so called administration, Judge Murkowski, and members of congress are "for the veterans" yet their actions tell us differently.

Murkowski sat on his ass in a court room, as a person of higher standard, and allowed hearsay evidence, pre-judged a woman,  (he removed himself from neutrality), and then tried to berate people who were sitting in the gallery about this blog. He then went on several rants to a woman's attorney and charged him 250 bucks for doing his job.  THEN He also fined the woman for 4 hours of time for a so called guardian at the cost of 90 bucks an hour ( or so I am told).. who ever heard of someone making that kind of money except a high priced attorney?  And yet this judge says he is FOR veterans?!! Bulls==T if he is..  Actions speak louder than words and this (man?) individuals actions clearly say that he is NOT for veterans but for his buddies who are systematically raping veterans financially, while his total disregard for the veterans family is shown by the orders he spews which end up tearing the family apart, instead of HELPING them, as he claims he is doing.

Ok, How about the Michigan congress? Do the veterans get their ombudsman or not, congressman McGreggor? There is a rumor flying around the vets home that the bill is DEAD. Not enough votes to get it passed. Which is it? Are you blowing smoke up our tails?

Ok Jim Dun, and Earnie Meyers of the board of managers for the home.. Jim Dun made Earnie Meyers the so called Ombudsman but Earnie hasn't shown up here for people to discuss their issues with him, and now he is chairman of the board of managers; isn't that a conflict of interest? Again, people claim they are for veterans but their actions show us they are NOT.

And Sara Dunn, acting administrator of the Grand Rapids Home (prison) for veterans. Under her administration so much money has been wasted, misappropriated and gone unaccounted for, that she needs to be criminally investigated. Not only money but donations that never got to veterans.

Now there is a big push to require all vendors at this years carnival to hand out "tickets" instead of cash, to the veterans. The veteran would then be required to go to the member bank the next business day to cash them in. WHY?! Why is this home trying to micromanage every thing the veteran gets or does? Are these men adults or children? 

Why hasn't this administration enforced personal hygiene standards on members in the Dom unit that are known to refuse to take showers or change their clothing (like the one we call stinky that has been posted about in this blog)?

Why have they not enforced the no alcohol on the premises rule even though they know several guys drink nightly at the picnic table by the Grills next to the out side pavilion? They know who these people are, yet the existing policy is not enforced. And they say they are FOR the veterans..

Why do they go around with breathalyzers, targeting some veterans, but not others who are known drunks?

Why do they practice selective enforcement of the written rules found in the member hand book?

And what about the 12 issues listing that I have posted here on this blog; when is this administration going to acknowledge that they even exist, let alone do something about those issues?

Yeah, right.. well folks, actions speak louder than words.. The words sound sweet, but.. the actions tell us they are nothing more than hot air  and that they are NOT for the veterans.

If you disagree with this, leave a comment. Prove me wrong.

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