Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking for 2 witnesses to the Horizontal Bop Event.

I have heard of this before, but have decided not to write about it until now.

I am told that Sara Dunn, acting administrator at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, was caught doing the dirty deed; the Horizontal Bop, with one of the other office personal named Eric Alder.  (last name may be wrong).

I am told that they were caught doing it in the Conference room, by one of the contract cleaning staff, and one of the new security people, neither of which work here anymore and both of which were dismissed shortly after the incident was reported.

I am trying to find out who those 2 people are, so I can contact them to get verification of this story.

I know for a fact, that the lead security person Josh did tell me one time that the security guard that got caught was dismissed. So he knows that it happened.

Apparently Sara Dunn ran the Grand Rapids home(?) for veterans, unlicensed and unqualified for over 18 months before becoming qualified and licensed to do so. This seems to be some kind of violation of law or something, and begs looking into.

I am also looking for a copy of the Email Sara Dunn sent to people announcing that she had been made permanent administrator. This occurred some time in May of 2012.

If you have any info, please leave a comment - they get moderated before they get posted, because I have make sure the message meets the G rating of this blog. I never modify them; I either accept and post them or reject them, notifying the writer why the comment was rejected, if I can find their contact information.


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