Monday, December 5, 2016

ACTION ALERT. Please call Scott, Board of Mangers members, and Director MVAA.

ACTION ALERT: Please call SCOTT, BOM, Director MVAA.

I need you to call Scott, and the board of managers, and Jim Redford of the MVAA, and DEMAND the card table chairs for the new card table in cozy corners be returned to Cozy Corners for visitors and veterans to use.

I also ask you ask them for the resignation of Tiffany Carr for her treatment of volunteers.

PER a posting on our Face Book page today:
John Olinger: "Got in this morning and asked about the chairs the volunteer office had no idea did find them in a conference room Tiffany stopped asked way I was looking for them as I told her some visitors and members ask about them i did tell her that I told these people to call her or the volunteer office and I asked her way the volunteer who work in their were not told about this and she said it was none of our business. I don't think it fair to have members and visitors and some not in a good mood and when they try to see them the're in a meeting or lunch or they can not be found that way they asked us not them."