Monday, April 30, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Crime in progress: Update 2 on part 24.

Letter from the wife of Richard W. Proof of the crime in progress.

The letter reads as follows:

"I am hoping you will investigate this and perhaps do an interview.

My husband, Richard Ware is an inmate, I am sorry, resident, of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. On Saturday April 28th 2012 my husband had to do some drastic things to attend the college commencement of our son, Richard P. Ware  Jr. Ricky graduated from Grace Bible College this past Saturday and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Youth Ministry.

My Husband has a court appointed Guardian by the name of Cynthia Thornbury. Despite many attempts to have her removed as such, Judge David Murkowski of the Kent country probate court insists that Cynthia remain my husband's guardian and conservator. As his wife, it has cost me thousands of dollars to fight this and I have always lost.

A portion of the judges order is as follows:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Cheryel Ware is hereby restrained and ordered not to have any direct or indirect contact with Richard P.Ware by any means. This includes but is not limited to phone contact, mail, any electronic device, or in person until further order of this court.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Richard P.Ware's children may have contact with their father ONLY upon the expressed written consent of the guardian Cynthia Thornbury.

The reason for the above action, I believe is because I helped my husband prepare an affidavit which stated that he wanted to be rid of his guardian/conservator in April 2011. Yes, this was a year ago. It  has been a year since I have been allowed to be with my husband. Cynthia Thorn Bury asked the judge to put this no contact order in effect because she was upset that my husband signed this Affidavit, which if the judge would have followed, would have removed Cynthia Thornbury from her current position. During this time, Cynthia Thorn bury was attempting to secure a divorce for my husband, a petition which failed in November of 2011.

May I note that Richard didn't want the divorce, and stated so in his Affidavit which was thrown out in court. It is also necessary to inform you that Cynthia Thornbury spend over $14,000.00 dollars of my husbands social security to secure this divorce. She also sold his car to help pay expenses.
For your information, Judge Murkowski approved of her spending this kind of money as well.

With the help of other Veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Richard was able to secure a cab to take him to the Frontline Bible Church in Byron Center Saturday Morning. Cynthia refuse after numerous request to put in writing that he could attend this. Furthermore, she refused to pot in writing that our son could have contact with his father. 

To Further humiliate my husband as he cannot have any contact with me, my husband was forced to sit by himself on the other side of the church, away from his loved ones. Fortunately, the minister of our church sat with his family in front of him.

My Husband is very unhappy. He feels that he is an inmate of the Home. His civil rights have been vioolated to a great extreme but yet, nothing gets done. Nobody will listen to what my husbands wishes and desires are. I am hoping that you will find it in your hear to talk with my husband, see for yourself what his wishes and desires are, and let the public know what kind of judge David Murkowski is as well as what kind of Guardian/Conservator Cynthia Thornbury is.

If you are so inclined, you may want to talk with other veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and you will find that there are many issues with these vets and many of them are centered around this same Guardian and the same Judge.

I have no doubt you are appled by what I have told you. Any decent minded person is. You don't have to confirm any of this with me. Talk to my husband. He is a veteran who is hurt, lonely, and very desperate. He has nobody that will listen to him. Please take the time to go and talk with him and get his story out.

Cheryel Ware.
(phone numbers are withheld by blog editor).

Blog Editors note:  The court is interfering with a marriage contract. I feel a title 42 lawsuit is in order, and censure of the judge is also in order. Perhaps many people filing complaints about him to the Michigan Bar Association is also necessary.  And can be started by reading the information on this page:  And Richard is not the only one having a problem with this judge and a conservator, Fred Plicta, also mentioned in this blog is still having problems with his.

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: An advocate speaks out

This is a copy of a letter written by a man who is acting as an outside advocate for the veterans who are existing at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans.

Dear Senator.

Never has there been a time so urgent, so important, that we must determine who we are as a nation. As a citizen, I cherish the freedom that so many today may take for granted. Our forefathers set into motion the principals that have given us our freedom, but it is our Veterans that fought to preserve that freedom for generations. You and I enjoy a great life of freedom because of the price that was paid from the beaches at Normandy to the rice fields in Vietnam. 

There is a long standing attitude by some that has been around for some time. An attitude that when confronted, says "I am all for our Veterans" but behind closed doors its a different story. When these fine men and women went to serve their country, they didn't go because of politics, policy or public opinion. They served because they loved their country and had a job to do.

One Evening Mike Nelson shared his story with me. he said that the was in Vietnam and ended up in a bad firefight  where at one point he ended up fighting hand to hand. He lost many of his buddies in that battle. He said after that battle he was very sad to loose his close friends but he said "quite frankly I was glad to be alive!" He told me that he remembered after being discharged after fighting so valiantly he felt so proud to wear the uniform. After he got to the states, he hailed a cab. The cab driver got out, spit on him and called him a baby killer. Mike said: "From that time on, I could never wear my uniform again." Mike told me the fight and loosing his buddies didn't break him; it was that cab driver who spit on him that broke him. That night he was feeling like he did when the driver spit on him, because of the way he has been disrespected and improperly treated by staff and care givers at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

I'm sorry to say that the horror stories at GRH4V  that have been said to be rumors or lies, are absolutely true. Administrators will tell you otherwise, but I am here to tell you I have seen this mistreatment first hand myself. There are veterans in the home that were POW's, those that suffer from amputations, mental disorders, and chemical distress. One night I sat with one of of our veterans as he moaned for hours because of the pain he was experiencing. I couldn't do anything for him. I wept for this man as I found a new respect for what I so often took for granted. I don't have to tell you that these great men and women of honor have given up so much so that they may have given us their special gift: The precious gift of freedom.

Sadly, most of the Veterans at the home, once they are at the home, stop getting visits from family members. For some, their first day at the home would be the last time they would ever see their family, as they were left to die here alone.

Certain staff and care givers have led an unprovoked and vicious attack on our Veterans. When a Veteran at the home is not allowed to see his sons or wife, freedom looses. When a wife is not allowed to take her own husband off of his ward, freedom looses. When $48,000 dollars is cleared out of a veterans bank account without any explanation, freedom looses. When A veterans is put in total lock down, treated like a prisoner for being "non-compliant", freedom looses. When volunteers are not allowed on the property because they tried to share what was going on at the home, freedom looses. When veterans are shaken profoundly screamed at on the top of the care givers lungs, left for hours in their own excrement, woken up repeatedly in the middle of the night for no reason, Freedom looses. If nothing changes, these attacks will continue because they are uncontested, or not made known to the people. When a man looses his life because another member is allowed to attack them,  Freedom is lost forever.

So  many good legislatures have toured the facility but unfortunately were steered away from our veterans and their voices were left unheard, and their concerns unanswered. Over the years, many important staff members, volunteers, programs, and privileges were all but taken away from them. The cry of the Veterans at the home went unanswered and WE forgot them.

I do not know whether it was Dale Weaver having maggots in his leg that prompted his getting more attention, I may never know. He told me that the sore on his leg had gotten more painful and that this whole leg was hurting badly. He told me " you should have seen it. The doctor at the hospital started at may ankle and squeezed up and towards the sore on my leg, and there were thousands of them popping out of there." Sadly, we lost Dale to complications three weeks ago. He died always hoping that he would see the day when the home would finally improve. He never gave up that hope.

Thank God that Mandy Bolter, representative Pete MacGregor and representative Nancy Jenkins came and for the first time, someone listened to the veterans. I can't begin to tell you how much I respect and admire Pete, Nancy and Mandy for taking the time. For the first time our veterans at the home had hope. Perhaps their sacrifices were not forgotten.

If you really want to know what is going on at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, ask Pete, Nancy, or Mandy, or come to the veterans home and talk to the veterans yourself. They know, they were there. And talk to the veterans away from the staff, where they may feel free to share with you, without possible retaliation.

I appeal to you for our consideration of  House Bill 5486, the Ombudsman Bill for our Veterans.  This is a great bill that finally gives our veterans a voice. It gives them a say in their own care. It allows them to tell someone without fear of retaliation, and gives them a fail safe process when they  have an issue that needs and should be addressed. No matter how great or small the issue is, if it is important to our Veterans, it is important. In the three years that I have been an advocate for our Veterans at the home, not a single major issue has ever been resolved for them. NOT ONE!. Quite Frankly: Shame on us!

That attitude that Mike Nelson and so many of our veterans have experienced is still here today. I see it in the home almost daily. there is a "white elephant in the living room" and it is time that this attitude changes. We cannot change the attitudes of the past, but as leaders in the community we can set up a precedent of a new attitude for today. And Attitude of gratitude for Mike, the Veterans at the home and the many veterans around the country who preserved our freedoms. And attitude that gives our Veterans priority over other issues that we are faced with today. We owe them that much. 

I have often hear that a marine will never leave his brother behind to die on the battlefield. They should NEVER be left behind. Nor on the battlefield, Not now! let them know that their sacrifice was not in vain.

The Ombudsman bill for veterans is a long time overdue. It is a great opportunity. Don't let these great men and women of honor die thinking that they have been forgotten, nor there sacrifices left unnoticed. It's time that this State and this Nation stand behind them and remember them not just in death, but in life.

Thank you for all your hard work. God bless you and god bless this great nation.

Sincerely, Time Sheeran, advocate for our veterans.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: One speaks out against current administration.

Mr. MacGregor, (or whom it may concern):
I am a Veteran who is staying at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and I today I was made aware that within the next couple of weeks, a Permanent administrator would be chosen for this facility. Amongst those named as possible candidates, is the existing Temporary administer Sara Dun.
I want it know that I stand with my fellow veterans in strong opposition to such a choice.
Since I came to Grand Rapids Home for Veterans (henceforth GRH4V), in October of 2010, I have watched the quality of life for veterans diminish to the point where many feel they are imprisoned. We feel we do not have a voice to, or in this administration, which has been ran by Sara Dun since before I arrived in October of 2010. There is a "good ole boy" network running this place, and when that happens, you know that only a few people benefit at the cost of many and that is what we have seen here over the last 18 months.
I have seen where this administration has reported to the State Legislature that the Outside Smoking area was built and completed, yet when a congressional representative came to look at it, found out that the project wasn't even started - It was started the very next day and completed in 2 days , but then it took another 6 months to get the heaters installed, and yet another 4 months to get them working and approved. The first year it was up, was a bad winter, and we had no heat. The result was we lost over 40 veterans to Pneumonia related illnesses for having to go outside, in an enclosed area, that had no heat.
I have seen where the staff has told us that items would be taken off the menu - but never were. Where items would be improved, but they were made worse, not better, for the menu.
I have seen individual volunteers, and groups of volunteers, and veterans organizations leave this place claiming they would not return until this administration was REPLACED, and that means Sara Dun and her staff.
I have seen misappropriation of funds, and embezzlement of funds (due to the fact they were used for purposes other than what they were intended and donated for). Funds that were not issued until the people who donated them inquired as to where they went, and abuse of the public trust by means of re-routing donations.
I have seen people who donated clothing items, blankets and other such needs for the veterans, never go to the veterans, instead they were re-routed to a second hand store located in downtown Grand Rapids, or to the new veterans outreach place down town, even though those items were meant for veterans currently living at the Home.
When I first arrived there the Clothing room was opened every day. Now with the new clothing room completed and the media blitz over, we get just 5 hours a week, 2.5 hours on Monday and 2.5 hours on Thursday, to access the new clothing room, which has less than 1/4th the inventory the old one did. Many sizes of needed items are not even available, yet clothing donations were being re-routed to a different location for over 6 months prior to the New Clothing's rooms grand opening.
When I first arrived here, we had Bingo games 4 to 6 days a week, and the volunteers who put them on were allowed to give us treats such as coffee and doughnuts, or fruit, or cookies, and snack cakes. Not anymore. Now we get Bingo about 2 to 3 times a week with no treats except on rare occasions.
When I first arrived here, and was put into the Dormitory unit (henceforth the Dom unit), we had 3 nurses, and sometimes had 24/7 coverage. Now we are down to 2, and sometimes go all weekend without a nurse on duty in case of an emergency. 
We had more activities. The ITP room (incentive therapy room) located in the basement of the Mann building, was opened every day. Now it is opened part time, 2 to 3 days a week.
Last year, (2011) at a special meeting with a new commander, some Colonel something, who was going to be in  charge of the Michigan Department of Military affairs, told us that it was their goal to make our rooms into 2 man rooms to give us some living space. Most of us only have 10 feet by 10 feet, and a stand up closet that is 22 inches by 24 inches by 6 feet high. In that 10x10 area, we have a bed, dresser, and a table, with about 3 feet between that and the bed.
Instead, the home is cramming people into rooms, and on the Dom unit,. most rooms now contain 3 or 4 (max) people. Many people being moved to the Dom unit since January of 2012, from other units, should not be in the Dom unit at all!. In stead of giving us more room, we now have less. And the Federal VA  cited the Dom unit for not being "homey" enough. Well, when your room has room for you to lay in bed only, what did they expect?
I have seen veterans being financially raped by this administration and their usage of "guardians" or "conservators", in the Michigan Probate court system. These people take away a veterans rights, property and money, all without being held accountable to anyone but a State Judge. We have one case pending now, that will probably be moved to Federal court to seek redress of grievances against the Michigan judge and the Guardian, under Federal Title 42, known as a "Blevins action". And that is just one of several such cases that are in the works.
I have seen people who have had their personal property taken from them, without a court order, by staff members. And upon demand of having it returned, they are threatened with expulsion. I have seen members be deigned access to their money held in the member bank, simply because a counselor has decided to limit their withdrawal amounts to less than 2 dollars a day.
I have witnessed staff neglect veterans by allowing them to wear the same clothing for months at a time, which I consider to be an abuse to the other veterans who have to live with the person who is not being required to live up to the personal hygiene standards as they are stated in the Member Handbook.
I have witnessed staff members at Member counsel meetings, totally ignore what is being said, and their failure to pass along to their superiors, what is being said, and what the concerns of veterans are.
I have personally experienced and witnessed, where a veteran has an appointment at the VA clinic located next to this facility, not be told about it until the day of the appointment. And veterans who had appointments at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, and not be told when, or how they were going to get there until the time they had to leave on the GRH4V shuttle bus. New arrivals are not told that a shuttle bus goes to Ann Arbor on a regular basis, so  they find out just minutes before they are supposed to leave for their appointments, which does not give the veteran proper amount of time to prepare. Also, medical information needed for Ann Arbor visits are not being given to veterans. Information such as Fasting requirements for blood work to be done at the VA hospital. Our pre-visit requirements are not being passed on to the Veteran. Only that they have an appointment on such and such a day at a specific time. 
It is clear, there is no working chain of command here, and no continuity of policy, and very little if any information being distributed that needs to be.
The way I see it, all this has happened on Sara Dun's watch, meaning when she has been in charge. Part of being a good administrator is making sure the quality of life of the veterans improves, or is a good one. All I have seen in my 18 months here, indicates that the quality of life is diminishing and this place is slowly becoming a place to go and die, not live.
This is why I stand against her being appointed as permanent administer of this facility. It is nothing personal. It is based on the results and the circumstances I see happening all around me every day.
Thank You.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night, 20 April, and this is what they gave us for supper.

They should be ASHAMED of themselves for calling this a supper.

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in Progress Update Part 24

In Crime in Progress Part 24, I introduced you Richard W, who is battling a criminal Guardian and a corrupt Judge of Michigan's probate court system.

We have an update.

First, some concerned people have obtained help for Richard and have a legal team working on his behalf. One of that legal team contacted Cynthia (spelling may be wrong) who is Richards court appointed guardian. Richard told us that this legal person contacted her, and she refused to talk to him about Richard. This was 2 weeks ago. Then a week ago, Richard reported the same person contacted Cynthia again, and Cynthia told him that she had talked to Richard that Friday - Richard claims she never spoke a word to him on that day.

There is an outstanding NO CONTACT order between Richard and his Wife, and, Richard and his son. Richard is now reporting that the Guardian has called Richard on the phone, and told him he is allowed to go to his son's college graduation.

Richard will not be going, as he thinks it is a setup, to get him and/or his wife arrested for violating the no contact order.

Richard hopes the new legal team will go after both the guardian and the crooked judge David M. Murkowski, Chief Probate Judge, and hopes both end up in jail.

Richard has been damaged by the actions of both, and it is well documented.

Richards wife has power of attorney, which was given before he came to the Veterans home.
The judge reportedly, (in other words Richard claims that ) nullified all previous issuance's of power of attorney and instead gave it via court order, to the court appointed guardian.

Recently the guardian stopped Richards Federal Veterans Administration Payments from going to his wife, who was using them to continue to pay the mortgage on their home. This has placed the home in jeopardy of being foreclosed on.

The Federal VA representatives are watching this case as things develop, and may be taking this case to federal court because the state court appointed guardian is misusing federal monies meant to benefit Richard.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Murder at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

As reported on WOTV-8 website, and WXMI Fox 17 news websites, 2 WWII Vets got into an argument, resulting in one being killed. Both men were on the Alzheimer unit.

Many attribute the man's death due to the fact that the health care workers are being replaced with low paid contract workers, and veterans are not getting the proper care they deserve. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. This blog covers a lot of the other issues.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MIchigan Department of Veterans Affairs trys backdoor tactics against Veterans at Vets Home

It is being reported today, that James Dunn, Earnie Meyers and the Colonel in charge of Michigan's Department of Veterans Affairs, have tried to get their choice of a permanent administrator for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans appointed via back door tactics, over the objections of 85 percent of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Apparently they told Governor Rick Snyder, that the complaints by veterans were unfounded, and that they had investigated them. That was a pure lie. No investigation by Earnie Meyers or James Dunn (both on the board of directors), was ever initiated nor completed, unless it was done on an administrative level only. Such an administrative only inquiry, would not reflect the veterans views nor concerns, which is exactly why veterans want this administration and the board of directors to be REPLACED.

It is also being reported that due to the acts of those people, The state legislator had a special session, where they put an end to it, claiming that if those people used backdoor tactics, maybe the complaints by the veterans had merit and that a full investigation of the administration was needed before they would support the continuation of Sara Dunn as being chief administrator.

It is also being reported, that when the veterans learned of the backdoor politics done by the Board of Directors and James Dunn, many started preparing for a major protest to take place on the front lawn of the home. A number of veterans stated they would participate in a physical removal of the acting Administrator Sara Dunn, with Media coverage to cover it.

Others are calling for the Federal Veterans Administration to withhold all funding until this administration and the board of directors is replaced.

I sure hope the legislature and the Governor is reading these blogs, as they are a real reflection of what is going on at the Grand Rapids Home For Veterans.

It is a pot running at full boil, a Powder keg ready to go off.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: This is a supper?!

The veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans want you to know what they are eating for supper, the last meal of the day. So I am going to be taking pictures of meals and posting them here for your enjoyment.

Above, was Supper (the last meal of the day) on April 7th. The big bowl is for salad. We also had the option of 3/4ths cup of chicken soup, in a small blue plastic bowl. Salad bar was 1/2 spinach leaves, which is ok if you like spinach. We also had bananas, apples and oranges (common to every meal every day of the week), and Milk (2 percent, or skim), apple juice, orange juice, fruit punch, tea or coffee.

The Strawberry short cake desert was a rare treat, and they used biscuits not real cake.
Now the dining hall opens at 4:30 pm until 5.30 pm, and the next meal is served starting at 6:30am, until 8am. That is 14 hours away.

These skimpy suppers are the norm for this place. Soup and a salad, or Sandwich and a salad, are the norm.

In one case, the 2 choices for supper are Chicken salad or a piece of low sodium cheese on a piece of bread. I will try to get a picture of it next time they do it. And that is supposed to hold you over for 14 hours. Look at the menu pix, and see for yourself.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Disgracefull refusing to take veterans to Memorial.

April 11th, 2012, 11:21pm.

A unique opportunity to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War is coming April 14 and 15 to American Legion Neal Fonger Post 179 in Walker.

The Michigan Vietnam Memorial Wall, a traveling exhibit that contains the more than 2,600 names of the men and women from Michigan who died during the war.

The wall is five panels engraved with the names of the fallen soldiers, said American Legion member and Navy veteran Catherine Buckley, who is organizing the event.

As of the time of this writing, not ONE bus from the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has been scheduled to take veterans to go see the memorial, despite inquires. The home is "blowing smoke up our tails" as one person said, after they inquired about transportation for their dad who is currently living at the home.

The Home, administered by Acting Administrator, (616) 364-5344, Sara Dunne has failed to even make an attempt to provide once in a life time transportation to even some of the veterans to go see this historical event.

If you read this, please contact the home and demand they provide transportation for the veterans.

The home has disgraced us. And this coming from an administrator that says she loves the veterans and cares about them, while she is hoping to be appointed permanent administrator, despite a growing number of peoples concern over the way she has ran the place over the last year.