Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MIchigan Department of Veterans Affairs trys backdoor tactics against Veterans at Vets Home

It is being reported today, that James Dunn, Earnie Meyers and the Colonel in charge of Michigan's Department of Veterans Affairs, have tried to get their choice of a permanent administrator for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans appointed via back door tactics, over the objections of 85 percent of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Apparently they told Governor Rick Snyder, that the complaints by veterans were unfounded, and that they had investigated them. That was a pure lie. No investigation by Earnie Meyers or James Dunn (both on the board of directors), was ever initiated nor completed, unless it was done on an administrative level only. Such an administrative only inquiry, would not reflect the veterans views nor concerns, which is exactly why veterans want this administration and the board of directors to be REPLACED.

It is also being reported that due to the acts of those people, The state legislator had a special session, where they put an end to it, claiming that if those people used backdoor tactics, maybe the complaints by the veterans had merit and that a full investigation of the administration was needed before they would support the continuation of Sara Dunn as being chief administrator.

It is also being reported, that when the veterans learned of the backdoor politics done by the Board of Directors and James Dunn, many started preparing for a major protest to take place on the front lawn of the home. A number of veterans stated they would participate in a physical removal of the acting Administrator Sara Dunn, with Media coverage to cover it.

Others are calling for the Federal Veterans Administration to withhold all funding until this administration and the board of directors is replaced.

I sure hope the legislature and the Governor is reading these blogs, as they are a real reflection of what is going on at the Grand Rapids Home For Veterans.

It is a pot running at full boil, a Powder keg ready to go off.

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