Friday, June 29, 2018

5 star VA audit

News came out the GR Vets home got the highest rating they could on a VA audit. Some say its closing a dark chapter in the homes history.


We still have criminal acts by the former administration that go unpunished and prosecuted by the states AG who claims he prosecutes all crimes and so far has a poor record. 1 care giver and 3 disabled veterans. But not one top administrator.

Residents Constitutionally secured rights were violated and Bill Shuette did NOTHING.
Residents died unnecessarily, and their deaths were covered up.
Residents were prescribed psycho drugs by an unlicensed doctor and nothing was done.
Guardians were forcing residents to take drugs they did not need, and nothing was done.
The home was forcing guardians on veterans so the home could force the vets to take drugs they did not need, and nothing was done.
And the missing money, millions are still unaccounted for.

These are just a few things..

Also, Michigan has well over 660,000 Veterans. And currently can't even properly take care of the 500 or so living in the 2 State owned veterans homes.

As for the 5 star VA audit.. I remind you that the Battle Creek VA director signed off on years of bad audits that should have been 1 star, instead of 3 or 4..  So I for one do not trust the VA rating system.

3rd time a charm or just wasting more money?

I didn't go to the second meeting about the new vets homes new location, but thanks to those who gave us reports about it.

Apparently the idea of moving the civil war train station was to much, and would be too costly. (No kidding?!!)  So they have come up with yet another plan for the new vets home.

How many more will there be?

Maybe they should just forget the GR home for now and build the Detroit home first. I hear they bought property for it, but no one seems to know where that property is or how the new MVAA Authority board got the property.

Anyone besides me wonder who is running things?