Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another bridge burned?

It is pretty bad when a so called advocate for veterans, burns not one but 2 bridges with veterans within 2 months.  First, she burned me for a post one of my posts, that I then removed, (still don't know why I did it or what I did that angered her). Instead of contacting me asking me to correct it, she burned her bridge with me, telling me she would never call me again, removed my contact info, etc.. you know what I mean. She threw a fit. Fine, whatever.

But what she did next is unacceptable. Burning your bridge with a vulnerable veteran who is currently running scared because of his very serious health problems, is just unforgivable. 

Apparently this veteran and his care giver were having problems, so she stepped in to try to find him a better place to live. The caregiver and the veteran worked things out.. She got angry because the veteran did not follow her instructions, and again she burned that bridge.

So that's 2 veterans.
I am also told she is wearing out her welcome at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans.  And some vets there do not want her help, or to be around her any longer.

Doesn't pay to be a control freak, or to burn your bridges behind you  Oh, I see Wyoming has a new Chief of police/fire.. and a female one at that..  Will that bridge get burned in the future?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gifts for new vets home "authority "people?

Something here isn't right. And more and more it looks like Snyders MVAA puppet show is getting worse.  We know that Snyder wants the federal money for the states new veterans home before he leaves office.

But to tell ya the truth, I think the Feds should hold off until next year after Snyder is gone.  His entire administration is marked by cronyism, and huge pay offs for his friends and puppets.  And that new home is just plain WRONG. 1 Floor for the whole thing. PERIOD.

The most recent has been at the Authority meeting held at the GR vets home where a vote was taken, on the subject of the new authority being able to accept gifts.. What is this? Why are they accepting gifts? That 350k per year salary they get isn't enough?  Volunteers and staff at the current vets home get fired/kicked out if they accept a gift.. so why is the new MVAA Authority voting to accept gifts? Sounds like more corruption to me.