Saturday, October 28, 2017

MI drops charges against several Vets home workes

The State of Michigan has dropped the charges against several care givers for reporting that residents were checked on when they were not, or the times were written down wrong.

This means only 1 successful prosecution of a former employee of the home for abusing veterans.

Not one person under the Sara Dunne administration, has been held accountable for the abuses that she, and her staff imposed on veterans.

Bill Shuette the State AG has failed yet again.

He failed to protect the veterans at the home from abuses.
He failed to hold those responsible, accountable,
He failed the Flint water crisis
He failed the Enbridge line 5 pipe line crisis
He failed the Nestle  water bottling fiasco,

He has failed in every way possible. And this man thinks he is fit to be Governor?!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

2nd top administrator leaves GRHFV in less than a year - Scott is out.

Yes Scott has decided to leave. His reason: Same one Leslie gave us - family time.

Mmmm.. makes you wonder what the real reason is. 

But we know it. It is the MVAA, and the Snyder governments corruption.