Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New vets home zoning approved, with 1 condition.

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Apparently someone got a hair up her tail recently when we wrote an op claiming that Jim Redford head of MVAA seems to be out of touch, in over his head, and the wrong man for the job.

This person also went off on another posting here and on our facebook page.

Well I think this story proves what we were saying. Many people feel the MVAA just shoved this project forward, without engaging the public or the local residents, and that is NOT good leadership, no matter how you like it.

And while the MVAA recently visited the Vets home and showed them why the new home needed to be put where they want to put it, many people outside the home wonder if it really needs to go there, and are there other options besides destroying one of the last remaining old growth patch of forest.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dignity restored

I want every one who reads this to understand something.
I have been writing, blogging, Face Booking about the GR vets home since 2010. I helped expose many of the wrong doings going on at that place. Because of this I have been tracked down and contacted by numerous people and organizations. Some private ones, some State of Michigan ones, and some Federal ones. And yet I am just one person among many who helped bring about the positive changes that have happened at the home.

Yet someone whom I trusted has called me nothing more than a ranting troll.  Really? This is why Jerry L wants NOTHING to do with this stuff anymore. All that work he put into it was never appreciated either. And he also was constantly attacked for what he did.

At least I am trying to give people credit for what they have done and the changes they have helped to make happen.It took a team effort, and many people involved, both residents, former residents, out side advocates some who are veterans, some who are not. Do I need to name them? Can I name them without violating their right to privacy?  Is it safe now for me to mention names without fear of reprisal for those who knew us, helped us, kept us informed? Or are they still in danger if we do? This is why the admins here and on face book remain anonymous, I thought people understood this as we have said it numerous times on this blog.

As a resident of the Vets home, I saw many people become victims of the Sara Dunne Administration and could not stand there and do nothing about it. I was compelled to act. So were many others. 

Those of us here on this blog are compelled no longer.

We (the advocates) fought tooth and nail to restore dignity and a voice to those who live at the home and were afraid to speak out.

We did get major changes to occur at the home including the removal of Sara Dunne.

We also got a voice for the veterans at both Homes, the Ombudsman Mr. Kelly Cody.

The Member Council meeting of 1 March 2018, showed us advocates that at last, we had reached another of our major goals.

Four years ago, that meeting would not have happened. Sara and Jim Dunn would not have allowed it.

The fact that it happened means we have restored the residents' rights to assemble, speak and be represented.
Thank you to all the advocates and residents both current and past who made this happen.

Updated 4 March 2018.