Thursday, June 7, 2018

MVAA doesn't even have OK for new vets home, costing taxpayers millions.

Shaking my head over this one. I just got back from the meeting about the new vets home NEW possible location.

Apparently no one knew the area containing the nature trail was a wetland. And no government had documented it. Or so we were told.

Well now they know and now they cannot build the new home there. So they need a different location.

The next site, will require a 150+ year old building to be moved - the Civil war train station where the current NCO club (that is not used by residents), the clothing room and fishing/bait shop is.

And they are not even sure they can do that yet.

So here we are. Federal money in hand and they don't even know if they can build the new home.
DUH.. How much tax money is being wasted by incompetent MVAA people on this?

In order to build the new home, the picnic area, band stand, Ranking building, Chapel, Pavilion where the winter smoking tent is put up, The picnic rest rooms, the building where the train club/bike shop is located will all have to be removed, and of course, the train station historical building moved.

The new home will stretch from the old clinic parking lot all the way down to Monroe Avenue on the north end of the complex.  And that is IF they can do it there. They don't even know if they can.

Some of the same ole questions that are asked at every meeting were asked again, some by residents some by visitors.

Cathrine Kooyers (spelling?) was there. She didn't even say hello to me.  I didn't expect her to after she burned her bridge with me, but she did ask a question that we all now know the answer to.
She asked about the mini kitchens in each of the housing units, if members were going to be allowed to use them. Using Kozy Corners as example, the answer was, "only under supervision" but who would be qualified to be "supervisor" was not made clear. In Kozy, it has to be a paid staff member, not qualified volunteers.

Someone else asked about residents traveling from the new home to the current one. On the map there is an open area, and in winter it means crossing a parking lot. Not good.

So I left with the feeling that the MVAA yet again does not have approval for this latest attempt, and will soon be forced to give the federal money back due to their failure to have a shovel ready plan in place that is approved but just waiting for funding.

Time for them to look to put the home elsewhere. I don't think the new proposed location is a good idea either.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another bridge burned?

It is pretty bad when a so called advocate for veterans, burns not one but 2 bridges with veterans within 2 months.  First, she burned me for a post one of my posts, that I then removed, (still don't know why I did it or what I did that angered her). Instead of contacting me asking me to correct it, she burned her bridge with me, telling me she would never call me again, removed my contact info, etc.. you know what I mean. She threw a fit. Fine, whatever.

But what she did next is unacceptable. Burning your bridge with a vulnerable veteran who is currently running scared because of his very serious health problems, is just unforgivable. 

Apparently this veteran and his care giver were having problems, so she stepped in to try to find him a better place to live. The caregiver and the veteran worked things out.. She got angry because the veteran did not follow her instructions, and again she burned that bridge.

So that's 2 veterans.
I am also told she is wearing out her welcome at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans.  And some vets there do not want her help, or to be around her any longer.

Doesn't pay to be a control freak, or to burn your bridges behind you  Oh, I see Wyoming has a new Chief of police/fire.. and a female one at that..  Will that bridge get burned in the future?