Friday, June 29, 2012

Fry 'em if ya got 'em!

Thursday, 28th June 2012, the hottest day of the month, AND summer so far this year. Temps in the low to mid 90's with Heat indexes in the 100's.

A special activities session was planned. The Altria Group, came in and staged a big bingo outside on the pavilion at 10am, and then we had a picnic. Chicken or pulled Pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad were served. By noon the tempature was already nearing 90 degrees. Then they had what I thought was a hillbilly band, play during the time of the Picnic. Then again at 2 there were more activities, and at 6pm, "Hark Up music Ministries came in an did a one time performance. All during the most blistering heatwave so far of this summer. 

How many old timers dang near suffered heat related illnesses? My gowd, isn't this administration smart enough to have tried to reschedule these events due to the health threat that heatwave posed to the elderly and to those with medical problems?

Apparently they are not.

Our THANKS go out to the Altria Group, who did put on a very nice Bingo, Picnic and  entertainment for us Veterans. We hope they come back next year, or even better yet, again this year.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Bad apple should not spoil the whole bunch - but it does here.

Yes, just one idiot can ruin things for everyone else, with this administration. I have now seen 2 such incidents here at GRH4V while it has been under the Sara Dunne Administration.

The first of course, is the Coffee incident that has lead to asinine conditions concerning coffee pots, and availability to Veterans. All because of one person.

Unfortunately, a second incident involving 1 person has happened, that will have an effect on many.

It is bad enough that the people of the USA and Michigan have been paying the Universal Service Fee on their phone bills for over 2 decades now, and that the money taken from those fees was supposed to provide for internet access to schools and hospitals. Yet this veterans home still has the worst internet I have ever seen for a public institution.

It is bad enough that we have the equivalent of  single line DSL being shared by about 200 people, but add to that the fact that most of the staff are computer illiterates and many don't care if veterans have access to the internet, makes things worse.

The only way for veterans to access the internet is to either go down to the ITP room and use one of the computers there, that have a 1/2 hour time limit on them, or go to the Dom Unit, and use one of the 2 available there, or use their own wireless compatible laptops or systems while in the Dom unit area.

Every unit except the Dom unit does not have internet. Only the Dom Unit has a wireless network so that veterans can access the internet on laptops or desktops with wireless capabilities.

And until recently there were 2 desktop computers available for all members, at the East end of the hall on Rankin 2. And here is where one bad apple spoiled it for everyone.

Some idiot, decided to try to steal the computers. These computers had security straps on them, so that they could not be taken. Reports are that this individual got tired of this lame administration not doing the necessary upkeep on the computers and that he would do it, or take them to someone who would, and then return them. So he got a pair of wire cutters and cut the security straps off of one of them.

Those 2 computers have been removed. Now there is no "public" access  on the Dom unit for Veterans who do not have computers of their own. In other words, many are paying the price for the actions of one idiot.

So far nothing has happened to this individual, whom many think should be expelled immediately. Time will tell what if anything happens.

Update: Nothing has happened to the individual who is responsible for Dom loosing those 2 computers. His first name is Richard,  and he has been seen using the computers down in the ITP room. This is angering many people from Dom unit who were using those computers on the 2nd floor to do their school work (college). Many feel he should either be kicked out of the home for stealing, or at least be banned from all computers.  Mean while, the 2 that were on the 2nd floor, will not be put back by the staff.

THIS IS Why, I say this administration is NOT the right one for the home, nor for Veterans.

Used computers needed.
If you have a used or older computer that has a wireless card, and you want to get rid of it, please consider donating it to the veterans of the Dom unit. Take your computer to Rankin 3 day room and talk to the activities person, Dianna, and she will have either Randy L. or Greg M. (our 2 computer experts) take a look at them and get them to one of the veterans.

These computers should be able to run Windows XP as a minimum, and be in good working condition.

On Behalf of the Veterans, Thanks.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reported, this site full of viruses?! LMAO!

Well, some lame arse tried to get this blog shutdown by reporting that it was full of viruses. Luckily we had people who know about such things take a look at it. They found nothing and had the block removed, allowing people to access the page again.

Guess someone out there doesn't like us telling the truth about what is going on here.

Crime in Progress: Check fraud.

Greg M. just complained to me about his Social Security disablity. He said that he had to appeal his first denial, and he won his appeal. And that he told them to please send his stuff to his home address.

The SS Department send it to the Veterans home address. Last week Greg got a letter asking him to go to the Social security online website and set up his account there.. he did, and he opted for direct deposit to a bank outside the home. The home has a "member bank", which is very limited in its time it is open and available to veterans, and the services it offers.

Last Friday He called SS and asked them about it. They said he was supposed to get 3 letters and a check. He got 2 letters.

Today he found out he got the 3rd one, and that the check had arrived on the 21st.  Apparently the home already cashed it.

That means Greg never saw it, nor signed it. That means someone else did and that is FRAUD and a FELONY. Greg cannot verify if he has any money in his member account until tomorrow morning.

The homes policy of rubber stamping checks needs to be looked into by a criminal prosecutor.
They have no right to do as they are.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It takes more than a bean counter and hugs to run a Veterans home.

90 percent of the population here are Veterans. We draw upon our military experience to help guide us thru life. Our years in the military have effected us throughout our entire lives, and still guides us in our day to day living.

One of the things we were taught, is that when you are on Duty, or Watch (as the Navy calls it) what ever happens in your area, you are responsible for.

For the last 24 months, it has been Sara Dunne's watch. This is why I say she is not the right person to be Administer of this facility.

It is true, that she is very very friendly with the veterans and says she cares about them. But when you look at the result of her administrations actions, you get a different image of what she is really about.

There have been several deaths that are unusual, and should have been investigated for negligence, yet the only one you read about in the media, was the murder of Andy Ball, by one of the other Veterans on the dementia ward.The State prosecutor decided not to press charges, but the family of the victim may still file suit for negligence, and wrongful death, because it could have been avoided after they made several complaints about that kind of situation have had happened before on at least 2 other occasions.

There is the driving out of long time volunteers, by this administrations policies, and lack of equilateral enforcement. Some people get special treatment, and others get shafted.

There is the coverups of things going on at the home, like the Bus Driver who was driving under the influence of some unknown agent. Media never even covered that, and the home intentionally covered it up.

There is the lies about the Owengers (sp?) who ran the clothing room for years. Administration and their pet, A female volunteer called Sonya, is claiming that the Owengers quit, when the Owengers were in fact locked out. The locks were changed on them and they were refused access to the clothing room after that. They still volunteer at Kozy corners though. And the new clothing room is nothing more than a Public Relations photo op for the home and its administration. Its functionality rates a dismal 3 out of 10. Sonya now runs it.

The Owengers had the clothing room open every day. Today Veterans can enter the clothing room just 2 hours on each of 2 days out of the week. And most veterans tell me that there are not enough or ANY clothing of their size available.

Recently there is the case of the Green House volunteer who has quit after many years of service, due to the administrations refusal to deal with an ongoing issue between the volunteer and one of the Employees.

And what about loosing all those service organizations that have stopped coming here because of this Administration? Doesn't that mean something? It is pretty clear the Governor doesn't give a crap that so many left, as long as his budget is kept. I guess Sara Dunne the Administrator must feel the same way too.

At one time, the Counselors had the power to revoke a veterans privilege to be here. I.E kick them out. This was true especially in the Dom unit where there were a lot of Drunks. Now that ability has been taken from them and we have people openly drinking on the premiss, and also using the lawns and trees as a potty, meaning they are urinating in public. Nothing is being done.

Part of an administrators job is to organize volunteers and get the most out of the volunteer organizations as a means to better the quality of life for these veterans. Sara Dunne is not doing this, in fact, she is driving many of these people and organizations away. It is only the organizations dedication to veterans that keep them here now. And many are starting to operate outside the administration to help veterans, bypassing anything to do with the administration at all.

Another job of the Administrator is to listen to veterans concerns. One cannot do that if there is no informational chain or network for workers to access. Workers who go to Unit meetings and hear veterans concerns have no way to communicate those ideas and thoughts to upper management.  As stated before in a previous post, there is no working viable chain of command here, that can be used for information purposes, among other things.

Death Awaits this Veteran.

Let me introduce you to Billy Ray, one of the veterans here. He is a Nam vet, in a powered wheel chair.

Billy claims he is just 5 minutes away from death.  He has a medical problem,  and both the home and the VA refuse to do anything about it.

Apparently there are 2 issues. One involves a catheter that was put in by the VA hospital and that was damaged when they transported him here to the vets home. That damage was never repaired.

The other issue is the deadly one. Apparently some time ago he got stabbed in the stomach. Now he has what appears to be a herniated area, with a big softball sized bulge comming out of the front of his tummy. He believes the buldge contains a sac that has poison in it, and if it ever bursts he will not live long.

They currently have him taking oral anti-biotics, and what he needs is surgery. But no one will touch him. So he deals with the fact that he might be dead in 5 minutes. Is this a way for a veteran to live? Shame on the Administration, shame on the VA.

3 photos taken with a phone camera, his face is intentionally painted out to preserve his privacy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ombudsman bill for GR vets home is Dead - Veterans continue to suffer.

The Bill introduced by State Congressman Peter McGreggor, for an ombudsman for the veterans at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, is dead. There are not enough republican votes to get it passed.

"HB6319 has been nothing more than smoke up our tails", said one supporter of the veterans. "It was meant to keep us busy so that we would not do other things."

Combined with the fact that acting Administrator Sara Dunne was officially made the permanent Administrator over the objections of many key people in Lansing, and after operating illegally as an unqualified and unlicensed administrator for over 12 months, many people now feel that the vets were intentionally screwed over by Governor Snyder and his  administration.

"If they can pass bills to help people in 24 hours like they did for the folks up north, why can't they do it here to help us?", another veteran asked in reference to a bill passed to help the people at the other Veterans home in Marquette.  "It just goes to show you, that they never had any real intention of helping us".

"Snyder says he is for veterans, but his actions say other wise", said Navy Veteran Greg. "We hear what he says, but look at the results of what he has done, and you will see, he is not FOR the veterans. And the same is true for Jim Dun, and the so called administrator of this place, Sara Dunne. What they say, and what their actions show us, are two different sets of facts. I mean what the results are of what they have done, show us that they are not FOR us either, but rather they are just doing a job."

And many at the home now believe that job is to help balance the state's budget on the backs of veterans.

"The Ombudsman would have made a major change for the better for these guys." said David, son of one of the WWII veterans here. "The level of service to these veterans has deteriorated so badly in the last 5 years that if I could, I would take Dad out of here and put him somewhere else, somewhere where I believe he would be treated better. And all of these guys deserve better than what they are getting now."

The veterans will Remember come November. I have a feeling some of those politicians will not be returning to Lansing for another term.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GRH4V Rumors for June.

Month of June Rumors:

Ive had 4 people within the last 3 weeks tell me that 2 veterans witnessed a member choking, and  that 2 health care people didn't even try to help him. Which resulted in his death.These members need to speak up and report it. If they do not, it could be them next time.

Is it true the home is trying to take over the Hunting Club?

Greg said he is talking to the ACLU about continuing the lawsuit against the home for blocking internet access to members. He says if the new computer/internet bill that was introduced by Congressman McGreggor, is killed off by the legislature finance committee, that he will ask the ACLU to continue the suit.

Members are noticing that last year, we had cook outs almost every weekend. This year there have only been two. They say it is because this administration has driving away all those service organizations that used to put them on. The administration says its due to the economy. I hear from the Service groups and they say its because of both.

After the June 20th fishing tournament, members went to the pavailian outside Kozy Corners for a fish fry that started at 2:30. They were supposed to be limited to 2 fish each, due to the low number of fish caught.
Apparently the planted fish were dumped into the pond and some were dumped into the feed stream where the water is extreamly low. And that night there was a bug hatch, so the fish ate all the bugs. Combined with 90 degree day with heat indexes close to 100 degrees, the fish did not bite much.

The problem was, not everyone who went got any fish. Apparently they ran out by 3.30 pm and some people got more than 2 fish to eat. In other words it is who you are that determines if the rules apply of only 2 fish each. It angered the people who went to get fish and got nothing.

News Flash: We just lost ANOTHER dedicated volunteer.

I have been told by 3 people, that Debbie Albert, our dedicated Green house person has quit over a continual problem of one of the employees with keys to the green house who keeps going into it and messing things up, re-arranging things and taking stuff from projects that are in progress.

Debbie, frustrated changed the locks and the employee obtained new keys. Since he is going to be given full access, and his actions are making things difficult for Debbie, she has decided that the Administration is NOT cooperating with her, and that she has better things to do with her time.

She has quit, and does not plan on returning any time soon..

Thank you Sara Dunne. Your Administration has ran yet another one out.
Screw the veterans who liked Debbie and wanted to keep her around.

GRH4V: defrauding the taxpayers?

If someone collects more money from you than they are entitled to, and they knowingly take it, is that not a fraud?

And if you are the taxpayers of the State, is that not costing you more taxes (your property taken by the state for its determined usage)?

That is what IS happening at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, via the Dormitory or Dom,  unit.

Here is how it works. For this discussion let us presume the cost of having one veteran stay at the Dom unit, is 3100.00 a month. Since the Veteran is homeless and without income, the Federal VA pays 800 of that. The rest comes from the State Veterans trust fund. So, 2300 comes from the State.

The Veteran comes to the home in June 2010. He applies for disability pension or Social Security disability - but that takes months to complete. It can take as long as 4 years. In the mean time, the state trust pays $27,600.00 a year, and the Federal VA$9,600.00 per year, for the Veteran to stay at the home.

2 years later, in August of 2012, the veteran gets a favorable decision on his disability claim. It is determined that he will be given $1,200.00 per month from Social security. And that he is entitled to back pay, which started the day he applied. So he now has 26 months of pay coming to him.

As a non income person, he gets $5.00 a week for personal items.
As a pensioner or Income person, he gets $100.00 a month.

Here is whee the fraud takes place.  When this veteran gets his back pay it will be $31,200.00 for the 26 months. He is allowed to keep 100 for each month, thus leaving a balance of $28,600.  The Home takes that money. But where does that 28 thousand dollars go?

The Home was already paid for the room and board of this veteran. The home claims that they are entitled to that money, but where does it go?  No one knows.

One of our guys just found out he is getting SS, and will be getting his money soon. A monthly amount of about 1200.00 and back pay.  Now when he took that information down to the member finance office, the finance officer gave him a bill for the month of June showing 1100. That is because the veteran is allowed to keep 100 dollars for his personal needs. Now, what about all that back pay?

Seems to me, that if the home is entitled to it, it should be used to pay his FULL amount of 3100.00 for each consecutive month until the back pay is used up, AND the home should NOT be billing the federal VA and the State of Michigan Veterans Trust fund for the 3100 per month.

Now since he now has an income, the home will only ask for 1200 from the state trust fund, while continuing to get the 800 from the Federal VA.

Now here is the thing that makes this appear to be Fraud.. NO ONE knows if this is what they are doing!
Veterans have asked, and obtained no answers.

There are currently about 76 people on the Dom unit.. if just 20 of them per year have a case that is like this one, the home has the possibility of raking in 28,600 times 20, or 572 thousand dollars that it does not account for. And that is where the defrauding of the taxpayers comes into play.. Where is that money going?

ANOTHER THING. The poor Meals they are serving here.. If we the veterans have to pay for this garbage (as posted here on this blog) we should have the right to refuse to pay for meals we do not get. And, pay less for substandard meals. 

Case in point, the recent "beef vegetable soup" that had no beef in it, posted here recently. They are serving it again tonight. I bet that once again, there will be no beef. Why should I have to pay for something I am not getting? THAT is cheating taxpayers (veterans are taxpayers too).

Forgetting the purpose of the Veterans home, does not help Veterans.

Why are we here? Does any one know? I think I do. Because I looked it up on the internet.

Why is the Veterans home here? Because too many wounded Civil war veterans were ending up in poor houses, with substandard living conditions.  For this reason, Michigan government created the veterans home.

Now, over 100 years later, its first and foremost reason for existing is to provide a place to live for veterans so they do not have to live in the street. But alas, this place as lost its focus on why it exists and what its functions are.

It is not easy moving guys around, from wheel chairs to beds, from wheel chairs to showers, to baths, or what ever. Some of these guys weigh over 300 pounds, due to lack of exercise and poor diet. Or maybe its due to their medical issues.

The administration of the Veterans Home seems to have forgotten that this is a HOME for veterans. They call it a hospital, but it is a bit of both. Mainly a home with its own medical staff. These guys want to spend their last days living nicely and not in some ditch along the road.

The Dom unit over in Rankin building was established to give guys who needed it a "time out" from life's tribulations. A chance for them to take a step back, relax, get their thoughts together and such, and then move on; in other words move out and rejoin society. But the State and the Administration both seem to have forgotten that part. It seems that once you are here, you are stuck here.

Case in point: A Dom Unit member is classified as a homeless vet. Many have no income. Circumstances change as time goes by and a member may find themselves able to return to society - with a little help from government.

If the person is disabled, they can get social security disability. Or if they qualify, they can get a service related disability. If Not, and they are part of a specific group, they might be able to get a non service related pension if they are not cold war veterans. If they cannot do this, they are stuck here.

The state issues "housing vouchers" to help people get into rent controlled housing, or 'section 8" housing.
One must be homeless to qualify for a voucher, yet the state has determined that a veteran with no income, staying at the veterans home, does not qualify as a "homeless" person because they have a bed to sleep in at the home. With housing vouchers and food stamps, a veteran may be able to leave the home, and return to society, thus costing taxpayers less. Keeping them here, costs the government 3 to 4 thousand dollars a month, way more than allowing them to return to society.  So you have 2 programs that are at odds with each other.

And getting that veteran who has lost everything back on their feet, seems to have been forgotten. The veteran is going to need Clothing, food prep items such as pots and pans, cooking utensils,, Dining ware - plates, silverware and the like. They will need a bed, dresser and other such furniture.. But there is no help for a veteran to get that. Only places to go. No transportation help to transport items if they are able to obtain them from a source. I mean, you can only carry so much on a city bus. And no information is available for this. So a veteran gives up and stays here, when they could be living cheaper in society. And while they are here, they give up the idea of returning to being a productive member of the community.

This is not good, no matter how you look at it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Veterans need to get off their butts and stand up for their rights.

Yeah I know.. most of the guys here are either stupid, have a medical issue, or are here because NAFTA left them without jobs and without a home..

But these guys have to start standing up for their rights here, and stop taking it up the tail. 3100.00 per month for the lame existance in Dom unit?! You gotta be kidding me.. talk about ripping off taxpayers.. and it costs Thousands in some of the nursing units.

If the Government wants to reduce costs here at the home, We can help them with many suggestions.

First, Get rid of the workers union, or make it so that bad union workers can be fired on the spot and not allowed to return.

Second, get rid of the useless high priced staff. Start with the top and work your way down.

It is no secret that the author of this blog thinks the current acting administer Sara Dunne is the wrong person for the job. She is over paid for what she does. Cut the pay to 60k per year.

Get rid of the useless councilors that don't even counsel. Or cut their pay to less than 40k per year. Get rid of the nutritionists that sit in their office and do nothing but take smoke breaks.

Cut the pay of the useless nurses who stand around watching TV in Day rooms, instead of doing their jobs.

Lots of ways to cut the cost of having this place..


Monday, June 18, 2012

Withholding needed information from a veteran is disrespectful, harrassment and a crime.

GRH4V is with holding information needed by veterans, so that they can make informed decisions is a crime.
It is also being VERY disrespectful  of the veterans.

When the home files for any government benefit, they need to inform the veteran that they have. Many of the guys I have talked to here did not know they were getting specific benefits, until after they started arriving, and only when they inquired as to where they came from, did someone tell them that the home had applied for them in the Veterans name.

When the home gets a "medicare card" in the veterans name, they need to notify the veteran that they are holding the card and that it is being held in the member bank. 

When the home intercepts a veterans mail, and takes part of it, they need to notify the veteran of what it was they opened, and what they kept, and provide copies to the veteran.

Let me make this clear for deaf and dumb people. ANY TIME the Veterans home applies for any kind of benefit on behalf of a veteran, that veteran MUST and SHOULD be notified of their doing so, AND THE RESULTS of the application.   Understand now?.

Crime in Progress, GRH4V handeling of veterans mail.

Enough is enough. The way this place handles mail is a crime.

I urge all veterans to put their names on the DO NOT OPEN list until such time as this place puts into effect established and posted rules and procedures for mail handlers.

Such procedures should include the following:

1. anything opened by a mail handler must have that person's initials and date it was opened on the envelope.
2. anything they keep for what ever reason, to be photo copied  - including the envelope, and the copies sent to the veteran so that he/she knows what was opened and kept and why.
3. Violations of the DO NOT OPEN list, should be reported and prosecuted.
4. I urge all veterans to use mail system out side this place, like the address of a loved one, etc.

Stop having people send mail here until they establish proper guidelines and rules for the mail handlers.

Wasting taxpayer money with Ipads for the Board of rejects, er Managers.

Starting at 499 a piece, they range in size from 16, 32, 64gig memory sizes, and with our without built in Wi-fi and cellular via AT&T or Verizon, these things can cost as much as 825 per unit.

Why am I writting about this? Because as I strolled down the hallway by member services office, I looked at bulletin board and noticed the minutes of the latest board meeting.

Apparently it is true, that Sara Dunne has illegally been declared to be permanent administrator of this facility, even though she did so criminally for over 18 months as a non licensed administrator.

And I found a section where some one suggested that to reduce paperwork, the board of managers get Ipads. Well the managers already have cell phones, why can't they keep in touch that way?

And how are they going to access a non existent wi-fi network in the facility when only one unit is wired for wi-fi and that is the Dom unit.

And why SHOULD  Taxpayers have to pay for their toys? Don't they steal enough from veterans as it is?
Heck we get controlled internet, they get open? Why? Whats the difference?

And why should tax payers pay for these when the board of managers is quoted on television claiming that they did not know the 4th floor was shut down or going to be shut down.. So why buy something for people who aren't even doing their jobs? If they were doing them, they would have known about the shutdown of the 4th floor.

Yeah, right.. just more smoke being blown up our tails.. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


Part of June 15th 2012's supper was "beef vegetable soup".

1st main ingredeant - water
2nd main ingredeant - TOMATO's. (a FRUIT).
3rd main ingredeant - diced carrots.
No Beef chunks.

So WHERE is the beef? And why half chunk tomato?

The Truck

Second hand store truck.
This is the truck that has been coming to the Veterans home and loading up on things donated to the home, or for veterans.

When the veterans never get the items, it makes people stop donating.

And the home is reporting that donations are down, due to the economy.

So what are these trucks loading up with?

The "new" clothing room lacks any real stock.
First load
 If you go in there, its mostly empty space.
A  few items are presented, but if you are a guy who
is over weight, (as so many are) and need 4x sizes, you won't find any there!

Also, any Jeans over size 48 waist, are hard to find.
Many members have stated that the new clothing room doesn't have 1/4th what the old one did.

Does that mean everything is going to this second hand store?

Second Load
  Apparently someone is getting enough stuff to make over 8 loads to be put into the truck. I only took snapshots of 3.

Is this stuff donated items meant for veterans, which never got to them? Seems so.

The Truck comes 2 or 3 times a week it seems. And always loads up on things.

Third Load - with more to come

People who donate things FOR the veterans are learning to give them directly to the veterans, other wise they may end up on this truck.

Those are big piles of boxes being loaded. Wonder what was in them?

The new clothing room doesn't have anything for guys that are size 4x or bigger. And getting proper fitting shoes is almost a joke, if your feet are 3E or 4E wide.

The old clothing room had stacks of stuff. And lots of various sizes, super wide, and super thin and everything from guys size 24 to 58 inch waist pants of various lengths. Big and Tall, short and small shirts, jackets, everything except 4x or bigger underwear.And what ever they had, they usually had 10 or more of.

This new clothing room is lucky to have 1 of each of the common sizes out on the shelves.

And I wonder what happens to the stuff that is sent to this place called "in the image".. Is it sold, and if so, where does that money go? Does the home get any of it? Or does it end up in someones pocket? I am sure the current administration will never tell us the truth about it.

American Legion snubbed by Vets Home

On Thursday 14 June 2012, a group of veterans was invited to the American Legion post 208 located on 44th street just east of Division Ave in Kentwood, a suburb of Grand Rapids,  for a well cooked meal and a Flag Ceremony.

35 members showed up for the function. The Vets home was asked to provide transportation but for some reason refused. Some members (veterans) think the refusal was political punishment imposed on the group who sponsored it (the Ruby Creek group who help run the hunting club).

Instead, A volunteer named Jerry Welcome, spend 700 dollars of his own money to buy a charter bus to pick up the veterans and take them to and return them from, the AL Post.

Both ambulatory and wheel chaired veterans went. All had a great time. And the food was outstanding. Nothing real like that would ever be served in the dining hall at the veterans home.

We thank the American Legion Post 208 for inviting us and giving us a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. And especially for the great meal.

One of these things, just doesn't belong here, can you tell which one?

 One of these thing just doesn't belong here, can you tell which one?

And did you know it was Sara Dunn's administration brought it to the vets home?

We are a veterans home, not a petting zoo for kids.

Old civil war cannon? No Info available.

Old smooth bore Navy cannon.
THAT'S RIGHT! THIS does NOT belong!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking for 2 witnesses to the Horizontal Bop Event.

I have heard of this before, but have decided not to write about it until now.

I am told that Sara Dunn, acting administrator at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, was caught doing the dirty deed; the Horizontal Bop, with one of the other office personal named Eric Alder.  (last name may be wrong).

I am told that they were caught doing it in the Conference room, by one of the contract cleaning staff, and one of the new security people, neither of which work here anymore and both of which were dismissed shortly after the incident was reported.

I am trying to find out who those 2 people are, so I can contact them to get verification of this story.

I know for a fact, that the lead security person Josh did tell me one time that the security guard that got caught was dismissed. So he knows that it happened.

Apparently Sara Dunn ran the Grand Rapids home(?) for veterans, unlicensed and unqualified for over 18 months before becoming qualified and licensed to do so. This seems to be some kind of violation of law or something, and begs looking into.

I am also looking for a copy of the Email Sara Dunn sent to people announcing that she had been made permanent administrator. This occurred some time in May of 2012.

If you have any info, please leave a comment - they get moderated before they get posted, because I have make sure the message meets the G rating of this blog. I never modify them; I either accept and post them or reject them, notifying the writer why the comment was rejected, if I can find their contact information.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stinky update: Still wearing same stuff since Easter.

June 2012
Update: Today one of the nurses told us that they can do NOTHING for this man. They cannot put him in Court Yard because he cannot be committed without his permission or be ruled to be incompetent. He is not incompetent, he just will not shower or change clothing.

Today it was over 90 degrees with heat indexes in or near 100. Yet this guy was walking around outside with this same heavy shirt and Jeans on.

There must be SOMETHING that can be done. His lack of personal hygene alone which is a threat to recovering members, should be one cause for having him either locked up in courtyard where they have their own room and a personal nurse, or the reason to have something done about his unwillingness to take a shower and/or change his clothing. The guy REEKS.

Stinky, aka Herman from Rankin 2. Same clothing on for MONTHS, without taking showers..

The guy gets on an elevator and you damn near barf he reeks so badly.
Some people refuse to let him get on an elevator with them, others get off when he tries to get on.

The man is like"typhoid mary", a carrier that does not get the illness.

He needs HELP and the staff is not giving him any. His presence is also a health hazard and threat to other veterans; Especially those coming back from surgical operations and who are recovering.

When told he needs to change his clothing and take a shower, he claims he does, but we have several months worth of photos that show he does not.

He wore his last clothing until it was rotting off his body. He is off to a good start with this set as well.

GRH4V: Bars Do Not A Prison Make.

I would not like to see the sign out front changed to reflect this Touched up Photo.

Yet the photo reflects how a large portion of the veterans here at the "home" for veterans actually feel about this place, and how the quality of life here has gone down hill so fast.

You do not need bars on the doors and windows, to make a prison. Some prisons are created by actions of people, and by the perceptions people have.

When a veteran is afraid to speak up about an issue, he is imprisoned by his own fear. That fear can be created by the actions of the Administration. A veteran sees others who speak up, and get targeted for expulsion, and that makes them wary of speaking up even when it is in their own best interest to do so. It makes them feel imprisoned, with no way out other than death.

When veterans feel they have no where else to go if they get kicked out, this creates uncertainty and that can cause them not to speak up when they need to. Again, leaving them feeling imprisoned.

When veterans see issues brought up at member counsel meetings, and then nothing gets done about the issue, it leaves them feeling hopeless, as they believe nothing will be done if THEY bring up an issue.

When members write up issues on the yellow "issue sheets" we are given, and then get a political spin response that doesn't even address the issue written up, members feel that the procedure is a waste of time and that staff members and administration are here just to get a pay check.

When members ask why rules that are stated in writing in the member hand book are NOT being enforced by staff and/or administration, their inquires get ignored, and their questions never answered. So why follow the rules? If one can, all can, right?

If you selectively enforce rules, on one person but not the other who does the same thing, what kind of message are you sending to the others? That is a form of "beating them down" or "mentally breaking them".

And when Veterans ask to meet with officials such as the board of managers, WITHOUT STAFF being present, and then are refused, what kind of message is that sending to veterans?

When a veteran is forced by the courts to take a conservator or a guardian, and that conservator or guardian abuses them, they have no voice, and again feel imprisoned.

No, This is not the Grand Rapids Home for veterans. Some say its a hospital, others a home. I say none of the above. Not a prison, not a home, not a hospital. We are in transition right now. If we were a home, we would have more room to live in; not 56 square feet for bed, dresser and table. We would have room for a book shelf, or a easy chair or a small work desk. And our rights would be respected. None of this waking us up at 5am to tell us we have an appointment at 2pm that afternoon.

IF this were a hospital, better sanitation standards would be imposed on ALL parties, including members. Veterans would be required to practice good personal hygiene, and if not, would be moved to a ward for those who cannot. (see the post about stinky on Rankin 2 Dom Unit).  If this were a hospital the members would not be allowed to constantly spill coffee down the hallways, leaving it there for house keeping to clean up. Seems like every other day, the spills are 12  inches apart and go from Kozy corners down  the hall, past the chapel and on to Rankin 1.It also happens on Rankin 2 and 3, with spills going from their kitchenettes top the nearest elevator.

If this were a hospital the meals in the main dining room would be served HOT, and would not be useless calories, made up of carbohydrates, sugars and starches. And the meals would be varied, not the same instant potatoes every day, same green beans,  same fruit cup, same drinks. The soups would not be made with the 2nd main ingredient of diced tomatoes, which is used as a filler for so many food items here, just to name a few things that are wrong, and that have been presented to the administration which ignores the issue.

And since it is not a prison (officially) then it must be a home, but not a good one, the way things are looking.
Lots of room for improvement. Improvement to keep this place from becoming a real prison.

Start by replacing the administration and the board of managers. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GRH4V: The Issues THEY refuse to acknowlege.

      Well, here they are, for ANYONE to read and find out about. THIS is what the administration at GRH4V and the Board of Managers refuse to address. 

NO MORE EXCUSES.. It is time to put up or shut up. Show us the results if you can.

1.       Lack of voice for veterans.—Veterans have no voice here to act on their behalf. The staff does not listen, and does not care. Most are here just to get a paycheck. If they did care, these issues would have been addressed long ago.
2.       Deterioration of quality of life for veterans due to poor management. Many organizations and people who have volunteered for years, have been driven out, kicked out, or just gave up, due to poor administration policies and lack of cooperation by the staff. Sara Dun has accomplished NOTHING that improves the quality of life for veterans here. In fact, many of her decisions and policies have made things worse. And she was only supposed to have been a temporary administer until a proper one could be hired. Rumors that a 6 month rule for a temporary administer were ignored, and some back door politics is what has allowed her to stay on as acting administrator.
3.       Lack of accountability and misappropriations of donated funds and goods. We have documented several cases of donations being misplaced, re-routed, and or out right stolen, items being sent to a second hand store that never get to veterans, and numerous missing donations that never get to veterans.
4.       Systematic removal of veteran support organizations, and volunteers. Many groups and individual people have been targeted and removed, told not to come back, and/or refused access to the home. A petition signed by over 400 veterans to get Don Kramer back, fell on deaf ears. Seems anyone who actually did good for veterans has been removed unless they belonged to the “inner group” that is now running the home.
5.       Lack of any viable chain of command, nor any continuity of policy enforcement. Can anyone tell any of you who is in charge of your choice of units here? For example, who is in charge of the Dormitory unit? The Alzheimer unit? 2 Blue?  Policy established in writing is applied as they see fit, not uniformly. Even the Board of Managers claimed they did NOT know the 4th floor was being closed—AFTER it was already closed!
6.       Systematic pillage of veterans financial assets using the guardian/conservator laws. It is becoming clear to those of us who are now on vigilance, that the home is using the states conservator/guardian laws to systematically remove all assets from a veteran, if he/she has any, once they get here and if they are an older veteran.  
      While the Homes’ original lawful intention was to be able to provide guardianship or conservator services to Veterans (members) who needed it due to lack of any help from outside, or from family; we believe the law is being used to many times, and many times where it is not needed, resulting in veterans being abused and taken advantage of and having their assets stripped from them without their consent and approval. 
7.  Mail tampering, no mail system is existent, no safe guards in place.    All Members mail is opened by the staff, because most of us signed a statement allowing them to open it for purposes of doing the payment paperwork. That is to take care of the paperwork dealing with Social Security or our pensions, and such.    However, this privilege has been abused by the people who open the mail - and we have found out that many are volunteers - strangers opening our mail. And things we need to get are not getting to us.  This is NOT a valid "home" mailing address, but is listed as a business - yet for veterans it IS our home, and our address.. US Post office does not deliver mail here - it is picked up at the post office by one of the grounds workers who then transports it from the GR Post office to the home.  We need a post office, for the home, like the ones in the military. Where people ARE  held accountable for the mail they handle..
8.      Constructive fraud of members application contract, and monthly financial StatementsThe Member admittance application clearly says members are responsible for the monthly cost of being here. Yet Members never receive copies of their admittance contract, nor monthly financial statements. 
9.       No security for veterans on the facility. Security departments first and only contractual job, is fire watch. It is not drunk watch, or anything else.
10.   A Home that is not a Home,  A Hospital by any other name. If This were a real home, Veterans would have more than 58 feet square of personal living space. If this were a real Hospital, we would have better health care. We pay way to much for what little service we get. Taxpayers are footing the bill too and its costing them too much.
11.  Theft of veterans personal property from rooms by staff, with excuse its policy enforcement. When a member (veteran) goes to the store and buys something for his/her room, and brings it back, and the staff member says they cannot have it and to turn it over to the staff who does NOT reimburse the member, nor returns the item, this is theft.
12    Kitchen and Dining, The food is a threat to the health of veterans. Meals served cold, Under cooked food, poor variety of available choices. Too many empty calories and carbohydrates. This has been an ongoing issue for over 2 years now. The food here is actually a health risk for many veterans. And we are tired of talking to the Staff who refuse to do anything about it.

And these are just 12 of many, many issues that are being ignored by the GRH4V staff.

The entire board of Directors, and the Acting (temp) Administrator ARE the problem. They are costing Michigan taxpayers more than it should to run this facility, and they are running it very poorly. And they are costing Veterans more than we can afford. 
Acting director Sara Dunne is just plain and simple the wrong person for the job—and the results of nearly 2 years of her administrating are at best, an example of putting the wrong person in the wrong position.  

Actions speak louder than words, so look at the results of this Administrations actions and you will see FAILURE, unless the only goal of the Administration is to balance the States Budget on the backs of Veterans.

Many veterans are afraid to speak up, out of fear of being targeted for expulsion. For many, this is the last place they have to live for they have no were else to go and so they are afraid of being kicked out for speaking out.

Added Dec 2014

13. Lack of medical records computer systems at the home, to be able to communicate and update veterans health records with the VA system, so that the records are up to date.  The VA cannot access the veterans medical records from the home and the home cannot access the VA medical records. This is causing medical care problems for Veterans.

You claim you are for veterans? PROVE IT! Actions speak louder than words.

I am so sick of hearing how this so called administration, Judge Murkowski, and members of congress are "for the veterans" yet their actions tell us differently.

Murkowski sat on his ass in a court room, as a person of higher standard, and allowed hearsay evidence, pre-judged a woman,  (he removed himself from neutrality), and then tried to berate people who were sitting in the gallery about this blog. He then went on several rants to a woman's attorney and charged him 250 bucks for doing his job.  THEN He also fined the woman for 4 hours of time for a so called guardian at the cost of 90 bucks an hour ( or so I am told).. who ever heard of someone making that kind of money except a high priced attorney?  And yet this judge says he is FOR veterans?!! Bulls==T if he is..  Actions speak louder than words and this (man?) individuals actions clearly say that he is NOT for veterans but for his buddies who are systematically raping veterans financially, while his total disregard for the veterans family is shown by the orders he spews which end up tearing the family apart, instead of HELPING them, as he claims he is doing.

Ok, How about the Michigan congress? Do the veterans get their ombudsman or not, congressman McGreggor? There is a rumor flying around the vets home that the bill is DEAD. Not enough votes to get it passed. Which is it? Are you blowing smoke up our tails?

Ok Jim Dun, and Earnie Meyers of the board of managers for the home.. Jim Dun made Earnie Meyers the so called Ombudsman but Earnie hasn't shown up here for people to discuss their issues with him, and now he is chairman of the board of managers; isn't that a conflict of interest? Again, people claim they are for veterans but their actions show us they are NOT.

And Sara Dunn, acting administrator of the Grand Rapids Home (prison) for veterans. Under her administration so much money has been wasted, misappropriated and gone unaccounted for, that she needs to be criminally investigated. Not only money but donations that never got to veterans.

Now there is a big push to require all vendors at this years carnival to hand out "tickets" instead of cash, to the veterans. The veteran would then be required to go to the member bank the next business day to cash them in. WHY?! Why is this home trying to micromanage every thing the veteran gets or does? Are these men adults or children? 

Why hasn't this administration enforced personal hygiene standards on members in the Dom unit that are known to refuse to take showers or change their clothing (like the one we call stinky that has been posted about in this blog)?

Why have they not enforced the no alcohol on the premises rule even though they know several guys drink nightly at the picnic table by the Grills next to the out side pavilion? They know who these people are, yet the existing policy is not enforced. And they say they are FOR the veterans..

Why do they go around with breathalyzers, targeting some veterans, but not others who are known drunks?

Why do they practice selective enforcement of the written rules found in the member hand book?

And what about the 12 issues listing that I have posted here on this blog; when is this administration going to acknowledge that they even exist, let alone do something about those issues?

Yeah, right.. well folks, actions speak louder than words.. The words sound sweet, but.. the actions tell us they are nothing more than hot air  and that they are NOT for the veterans.

If you disagree with this, leave a comment. Prove me wrong.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to the Dom (dormitory) unit on Rankin 3.

Thanks to Mac for providing the graphics for this article.   This is the 3rd floor of the Rankin building, showing the number of people in a room, the Shower room, Nurses station, doc station and 2 day rooms.

The below graphic shows the shower room for the guys. There is a tub, a stand up area for wheel chairs, and 2 stand up showers with less room than a porta potty in them.  NO ventilation is in the room, so the excess moisture never leaves, thus there is a lot of mold and other stuff growing on the shower curtains.  Not a good situation for a so called hospital.

So, this is a typical 4 man room (Item 1). It shows the 4 curtained off areas, giving each man about 7 x 8 feet of space, for a total of 56 square feet for their bed, dresser, and small table. That is the only privacy they get. If their neighbor is snoring, being to loud, leaves a tv on all night, etc, you will hear it. So it really isn't a good place if you need peace and quiet.   IF they want to make these rooms into 2 man rooms, just remove 2 of the beds, and give the extra 56 sq feet of living space to the other 2 people. This  will give them room for a small desk, or easy chair or something. And will make the room a bit more homier. 

Save money, just get rid of the 1st and 3rd beds and give that extra 56 sq feet to the veterans to live in.

Pretty self explanatory.

And Each of us pays 3,100.00 for that 7x8 area.. Talk about ripping off veterans and taxpayers.

Sloppy Joes with soyburger and beans.

Take a good look. This is what they feed us for sloppy joes. Soyburger that is finely ground, and then they add beans to it. And many people will not speack up about this.

I have never heard of Sloppy Joes being served with beans in the mix.

Its like eating paste between 2 stale peices of bread.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crime in progress: Selective inforcement of rules, poor administration.

What do you say when a bunch of drunks sit at a picnic table by the Grills, just 15 feet away from where the GRCC band is giving an evening concert on the Kozy Corners outside Pavilion, drinking?

First, there is a rule here: No alcohol on the property.
Second, there is a rule here: No drinking in public.

Yet the same group of Rankin 1 people sat at this picnic table, DURING the evening concert and were seen by many members and staff, openly drinking. The same ones who drank at a corner table in the smoking tent, all winter long.

AND NOTHING WAS DONE about it, then or now, but they did manage to kick out Bill Yates.

This is further proof of the fact that this administration lead by Sara Dunn, is the wrong one. And that Sara Dunn is the wrong person for the job.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Special request

The other day I added "recommend this article for Google" option to the blog. If you can, can you please go back thru all the past postings and rate them too? or just the ones you like? Thanks.

Roumer mill is running full speed ahead

Did I hear correctly? Did someone call a news crew to cover the Doughnut event?

The Salvation Army service group recently came to the veterans home and gave out doughnuts. Big deal. But I heard the media was called in to report it.

I guess GRH4V is getting so much bad publicity lately that they need to show ANYTHING good to the public, no matter how silly it is.

Hope the info I was given was wrong..

Saturday, June 2, 2012

GRH4V: personal expenses alotment.

If you are a person getting a pension or a disability payment of any kind, service related or not, the way this place is set up, is they allow you to keep 100.00  of it for your personal expenses. Non Income people get 5 dollars a week, or 20 dollars a month - hardly enough to get a few cans of coke or pepsi each week. If non income people cannot find another source for funding, they will find it difficult to get personal items that they want and may have to settle for second or 3rd best items, some of which are made available to them for free by the service organizations. Things like toiletries, and shampoo and body deodorants.

Pensioners get to keep 100 dollars a month. While that may seem like a large sum, it is not. If one of these people decide they need to get a dress shirt or something for a special occasion, the cost can eat up half of the allotment. And if the person smokes, well, that is 2 cartons of cigarettes.

Then you have the veterans who do have their own vehicles here.. the cost of maintaining them eats up the 100 bucks instantly. Basic car insurance can cost over 90 dollars a month even with a perfect driving record. Then you pay for fuel and repairs on top of that, and you can see why 100 is not enough.

Take the case of one fellow on the Dom unit. Greg uses his car to take fellow veterans to go shopping, or to pay bills. Anyone who is ambulatory who can leave the facility, he will take. He takes one fellow from 2 red, over to pay his phone bill once a month. He takes others on trips to Meijers, or Best Buy or where ever they need to go and only asks for some gas money in return. Most guys give him 5 bucks,  - about the cost of 1 and a half gallons of gas.He has taken guys to court, to the train station, to the bus station, to Van Andle Arena, to their homes so that they can get things. He even took one guy to Muskegon. WOW.

The problem is that his car insurance went from 85 to 120, due to changes in Michigans car insurance laws.
But he was able to use his veterans status to get it back down to 65 a month for basic insurance only.
He just dumped 500 dollars into a new set of tires and still needs some work done on the car. So that 100.00 he will be getting for his disability will barely cover operating expenses. Let alone providing any personal items he may want.

This is why the allotments for personal expenses needs to be increased on both levels, and so far from what everyone can see, or tell, no one from the home is doing anything to get the Board of Managers or the State congress to approve an increase.