Wednesday, June 20, 2012

News Flash: We just lost ANOTHER dedicated volunteer.

I have been told by 3 people, that Debbie Albert, our dedicated Green house person has quit over a continual problem of one of the employees with keys to the green house who keeps going into it and messing things up, re-arranging things and taking stuff from projects that are in progress.

Debbie, frustrated changed the locks and the employee obtained new keys. Since he is going to be given full access, and his actions are making things difficult for Debbie, she has decided that the Administration is NOT cooperating with her, and that she has better things to do with her time.

She has quit, and does not plan on returning any time soon..

Thank you Sara Dunne. Your Administration has ran yet another one out.
Screw the veterans who liked Debbie and wanted to keep her around.


  1. Just a few corrections....Debbie was a contract employee at the Home in the greenhouse for 5 years. The incident that is being mentioned happened on June 6th. A new one day employee in the greenhouse cursed at her, told her he didn't have to answer to her and that he was just standing up for himself. She left the greenhouse immediately because she felt bullied and uncomfortable. She reported the incident to her immediate supervisor (Jen) at 9 am on the 7th. She waited for some response and resolution all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday and when she didn't hear anything, she sent in my her resignation. Then people responded. The explanation that came from Jen and Tiffany was that "there was a process that needed to be followed and the new employees story needed to be heard." They also told her that she "could not expect them to respond on her time schedule." What is wrong with these women? This would have taken ten minutes to take care of.
    This incident was the icing on the cake for Debbie as throughout the year she had received (verbally and through e-mail) much conflicting info from Sarah, Tiffany, Jen, and Deanna on everything from her
    hours, what her position was or was not, volunteering (she put in 300+ volunteer hours last year at the Home), to the students,food that is grown in the greenhouse and cooking and, also believe it or not, there was even some confusing info given out about the cut flowers that are picked up by Debbie every Friday.
    Due to a total lack of honesty and integrity and common sense on the part of the administration, it was with much regret that Debbie turned in her resignation. She was passionate about her job and the Vets and is heartbroken that this decision had to be made. She currently does not have another position.
    Hope this clears up any confusion about what happened with her resignation.

  2. I've known Debbie all these years and she was in tears saying good bye to me! She is Heartbroken having to make this choice, but feels this is her ONLY OPTION, she doesn't want to go! Yet AGAIN, We are paying the price by losing 1of the few that ACTUALLY CARE about us! She has this site and told me she will be watching, and cares deeply for us! Deb, you will be missed, along with Don, our long serving Purple Heart Volunteer who gave us the shirt off his back!! Once again. We vets lose and nobody cares!! Who's next on their Hitlist??? Any staff member with a heart for Vets, BEST be wary, YOU could be next!!! Thanks to ALL the staff that made this loss possible!!!

  3. justin castlemanJune 14, 2014 at 1:31 AM

    well first off, i will say good on you for writing this blog, im not afraid to say my name.. im justin castleman, and i find grhv disgusting. its a trap for the able and unable alike, for the dom guys, go ahead and get a job, but werer going to take just about all your money, then kick you out and give you no shot at making it on you own... but wait if you stay, were gonna take your pension and all benefit money you get. also dont worry were gonna open your mail and put a fat balding incomptent prick named dwigt ferguson in charge of you... nevermind the fact the man has the moral decency of a streaker or a alcoholic. its a shame our nations hero's are nothing more than a non personal cash cow for there un precidented ignortant ways.
    i for one support this site.. and i pray one day that good for nothing twit sara dunn and her secret lover, that fillipino midget fonzy gary davis fall of the face of the earth.. because i have seen death row inmates with better personalties.


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