Saturday, June 23, 2012

It takes more than a bean counter and hugs to run a Veterans home.

90 percent of the population here are Veterans. We draw upon our military experience to help guide us thru life. Our years in the military have effected us throughout our entire lives, and still guides us in our day to day living.

One of the things we were taught, is that when you are on Duty, or Watch (as the Navy calls it) what ever happens in your area, you are responsible for.

For the last 24 months, it has been Sara Dunne's watch. This is why I say she is not the right person to be Administer of this facility.

It is true, that she is very very friendly with the veterans and says she cares about them. But when you look at the result of her administrations actions, you get a different image of what she is really about.

There have been several deaths that are unusual, and should have been investigated for negligence, yet the only one you read about in the media, was the murder of Andy Ball, by one of the other Veterans on the dementia ward.The State prosecutor decided not to press charges, but the family of the victim may still file suit for negligence, and wrongful death, because it could have been avoided after they made several complaints about that kind of situation have had happened before on at least 2 other occasions.

There is the driving out of long time volunteers, by this administrations policies, and lack of equilateral enforcement. Some people get special treatment, and others get shafted.

There is the coverups of things going on at the home, like the Bus Driver who was driving under the influence of some unknown agent. Media never even covered that, and the home intentionally covered it up.

There is the lies about the Owengers (sp?) who ran the clothing room for years. Administration and their pet, A female volunteer called Sonya, is claiming that the Owengers quit, when the Owengers were in fact locked out. The locks were changed on them and they were refused access to the clothing room after that. They still volunteer at Kozy corners though. And the new clothing room is nothing more than a Public Relations photo op for the home and its administration. Its functionality rates a dismal 3 out of 10. Sonya now runs it.

The Owengers had the clothing room open every day. Today Veterans can enter the clothing room just 2 hours on each of 2 days out of the week. And most veterans tell me that there are not enough or ANY clothing of their size available.

Recently there is the case of the Green House volunteer who has quit after many years of service, due to the administrations refusal to deal with an ongoing issue between the volunteer and one of the Employees.

And what about loosing all those service organizations that have stopped coming here because of this Administration? Doesn't that mean something? It is pretty clear the Governor doesn't give a crap that so many left, as long as his budget is kept. I guess Sara Dunne the Administrator must feel the same way too.

At one time, the Counselors had the power to revoke a veterans privilege to be here. I.E kick them out. This was true especially in the Dom unit where there were a lot of Drunks. Now that ability has been taken from them and we have people openly drinking on the premiss, and also using the lawns and trees as a potty, meaning they are urinating in public. Nothing is being done.

Part of an administrators job is to organize volunteers and get the most out of the volunteer organizations as a means to better the quality of life for these veterans. Sara Dunne is not doing this, in fact, she is driving many of these people and organizations away. It is only the organizations dedication to veterans that keep them here now. And many are starting to operate outside the administration to help veterans, bypassing anything to do with the administration at all.

Another job of the Administrator is to listen to veterans concerns. One cannot do that if there is no informational chain or network for workers to access. Workers who go to Unit meetings and hear veterans concerns have no way to communicate those ideas and thoughts to upper management.  As stated before in a previous post, there is no working viable chain of command here, that can be used for information purposes, among other things.

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  1. Sarah Dunne, I believe, does appear to be caring with the Vets. She talks to them, calls them by name and she hugs them BUT what the heck does she know about running a Veterans Home with 500 plus people living there. She was a dietician for many years at the Home and now suddenly she is the "Chief" person at the Home. How can this be? I actually feel sorry for her because she has no idea what she is doing and that is why there is so much misinformation given out by her on a daily basis. Any business would have done a national search for an Administrator of the Home with lots of interviewing prior to hire. All I can figure is she came cheap and is willing to go along with whatever, even if it is at the expense of the Veterans living at the Home. How sad!!! AND shame on the State of Michigan for making her appointment permanent.


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