Monday, June 18, 2012

Withholding needed information from a veteran is disrespectful, harrassment and a crime.

GRH4V is with holding information needed by veterans, so that they can make informed decisions is a crime.
It is also being VERY disrespectful  of the veterans.

When the home files for any government benefit, they need to inform the veteran that they have. Many of the guys I have talked to here did not know they were getting specific benefits, until after they started arriving, and only when they inquired as to where they came from, did someone tell them that the home had applied for them in the Veterans name.

When the home gets a "medicare card" in the veterans name, they need to notify the veteran that they are holding the card and that it is being held in the member bank. 

When the home intercepts a veterans mail, and takes part of it, they need to notify the veteran of what it was they opened, and what they kept, and provide copies to the veteran.

Let me make this clear for deaf and dumb people. ANY TIME the Veterans home applies for any kind of benefit on behalf of a veteran, that veteran MUST and SHOULD be notified of their doing so, AND THE RESULTS of the application.   Understand now?.


  1. I found out over a year after the fact that not only had the home applied for, but received medicaid in my name! Furthermore I was told my Medicaid card was being held at the "bank"! I went to the bank to get "MY" Medicaid card, and the staff didn't want to give me "My" card, instead they offered to give me a photo copied reproduction of "MY" card, I had to argue with them that if I was off visiting friends or relatives far from the home or out of state, and needed attention, especially after hours, a poorly reproduced piece of paper was just that, I had to point blank ask them if they were refusing to hand over "MY" card. Only then did they back peddle and give in, stating that they just hold on to them so we don't lose them! I'm a GROWN MAN, I even handle my own meds without losing them, I think I can handle a credit card type health card!! If you show up at a hospital without that card and the magnetic strip on the back with ALL your info, good luck getting help with your piece of paper!!!

  2. Yes, to my disbelief, I too found out that it is standard operating practice for them to apply for Medicare for us, upon our arrival. We get it and they keep the card. That is something that must be changed. - ED


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