Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cooks too damm lazy to do their job? Fire them!

We have a person who works in the kitchen that needs to be fired or disciplined with time off. Last Saturday's lunch was Smoked Sausage on Bun. NO condiments were available.

It turns out a condiment bar was scheduled but the person whose job it was to do it, decided not to because they just came back to work from sick leave, and didn't want to have to put one up.

The people in charge allowed it. So the vets had nothing to eat on their sausage.

How long does it take to dump some catchup, mustard, onions, chopped pickle, into metal trays that get taken out and put on the salad bar? 20 min's at most. 

We PAY for this garbage, what they call a meal. And now we are not getting what we are being forced to pay for.   All because someone wanted to be lazy.

Fire 'em.

Skitzo ex member assults member friend, warrents issued.

Jeremy Van Dyke is a veteran that is schizophrenia, and is on serious drugs to control it. He was assigned to the Dom unit while he was at the Vets Home. He recently left the home of his own will. His room mate and best friend was Tadd S.  Recently Tadd S went to go visit him and found he was off his medication. Tadd visited a girl friend of both of them and when Jeremy showed up he went off the deep end and assulted Tadd. Tadd's face shows the result.

A warrent for the arrest of Van Dyke is out, along with Personal Protection orders for Tadd, the girl, and Tadd's family for whom Van Dyke called on the telephone and threatened that he was comming to get them.

Too many times we have seen these kind of people allowed to run loose in society, and sooner or later they get off their medications and become a threat to people around them.

The Dom Unit has another skitzo. Mike. He is on serious drugs and requires a special shot every 2 weeks. People like this should be in a Nursing unit, or a controlled unit, not allowed to run free. They are a standing threat due to the fact that if the go off their med's, they become unpredictable and unstable.

Stinky Update: back to being a sench bomb and health threat.

Back on July 5th, we posted that Stinky had been required to take a shower and change his clothing.
Well, sad to say here it is the end of August and hes had the same stuff on since that day.

Now we have had 6 cases of bacterial pneumonia reported here at the home in the last 2 months.

Stuff like that can be spread by people like this.
Our rules in our member handbook state that members must practice good personal hygiene yet this one doesn't  have to. 

It is, in part, why people are constantly sick here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Offical Records do NOT lie. Thornberry needs to answer up.

State Ordered guardian Cythia Thornberry (or how ever you spell her name) needs to be brought to Justice and made to explain why one of her wards has had his ID Stolen twice in the last 90 days.

Both instances involved cell phone usage, and both instances were discovered not by Thornberry, but by the wife of the veteran victim for whom Thornberry has done everthing in her power to keep the wife away from the husban veteran.

In the latest case, a 3rd party collections agency called the Veterans home number, (not at grand rapids home for vets where the veteran is), and demanded payment.

The Wife, whose marrage rights have been abused by the Michigan Probate court judge Murkowski in conjunction with the court appointed guardian Cynthia Thornberry, has no idea what she can do becasue the court has her on some trumped up charge of contempt or something, and she is out on probation and is afraid to do anything for fear of being imprisoned in jail. One lawyer who tried to help her even got sanction by the abusive judge Murkowski.

In the mean time, this veterans Credit score is being trashed, his name in the commuintity is being trashed and Thornberry doesn't have a damm clue as to what is going on.

I am told that one of the doctors here wants the wife to have a copy of her husbands medical records, but Thornberry said NO and has stopped it. Now the Doctor is trying to help the couple get rid of the abusive guardian who has all but destroyed the lives of these two people.

I tell them to seek a lawyer who will take their case to federal court and go after both Thornberry and Michigan judge Murkowski for violating both of their rights, via a title 18 1942 lawsuit, which I believe is commonly called a Blivins action. They have enough proof of it.

The really sad thing about this is, since the court has appointed a guardian over the veteran, the guardian has abused him and his wife, and controls his assets. He has nothing without her approval and is imprisoned at the vets home because of it.

We are obtaining the record from both phone companies and records do not lie. Cynthia Thornberry is responsible for securing the private information about this veteran, and she has slipped up twice. Time for her to be held accountable.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rancid tarter sauce being served to Veterans.

Friday we had Fish for lunch. One of our guys took out 10 packets of this tarter sauce and 9 out of the 10 looked like this or worse.

This is what the veterans home is feeding the veterans.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How could he not know? Update on Richard Ware

Interesting thing happened a few min's ago. I got a call from 2 people. Both told me simular stories, so I wonder how true it really is, as it would seem a bit odd that a doctor would no know what is going on in his patients lives. Then I talked to Richard.

Well, Richard has been looking rather bad lately and 2 days ago he disappeared. Today he was back and told us he was in the hospital with double pneumonia. And when he got back, he was told his doctor was waiting to see him. Dr. Bates.

Richard tells me that Doctor Bates for some reason has decided to help him get rid of CynthiaThornbury, the guardian assigned to Richard by the courts. Dr Bates was unaware that Richards wife Cheryll once held power of attorney for Richard. Richard tells me that he told Dr Bates, that as far as he was concerned, his wife was his guardian.

He also informed me that Dr Bates claims he did not know about Cynthia Thornburys taking of 14thousand dollars out of Richards bank account to pay for a divorce that he did not want. 

There is more to this, and I will find out about it and post it as it becomes available. But something here just doesn't sound quite right.. its like someone is trying to cover their tail... If not, this could be the crack in the egg we have been waiting for, to go after Thornbury's license as well as Karen Fugi's license.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Drugging Of Veterans to keep them quiet continues at GRH4V.

Well, what else do you call it, when the administration or nursing staff here, gives a man drugs for schizophrenia, for 3 days when  he has never been diagnosed with it?

This is what has happened to Richard Ware recently according to sources. For about 5 days Richard was in zombie land, and one day when he was lucid enough he called a local pharmacy and asked them what the drugs were for. After that he refused to take them.

Is this how GRH4V silences the people who are out spoken about the abuses going on daily at this facility?
It makes you wonder.

Monday, August 13, 2012

They are destroying yet another family, like they did the Ware's.

Karen Fugi, take notice: you are being watched very closely. Your occupational license may be on the line.

It has come to the attention of this author, that yet another veteran is being victimized by the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Family destruction squad.

A veteran with dementia, who has a large bank account and many assets, has come to the home. His wife has power of attorney. He has been here less than 2 months and already Karen Fugi, reportedly his social worker, is attempting to get a guardian appointed to him. It is reported that within 3 days of his being here, someone at this home, got him to clean out his bank accounts. No one knows where that money went.

It is also being reported, that his wife has been told she is banned from the property and cannot have any contact with him.  HIS WIFE.. This destroys the family unit, and is unacceptable.

So Karen Fugi, cover your tail, because if it can be proved that what you are doing is a standard of operation, the removal of your occupational license will be sought in a higher court. As well as damages for what you are doing.

This is the same thing that happened to Richard Ware's family. And Richard while suffering from MS, feels imprisoned here and now they have him so drugged up he doesn't even know where he is half the time.  We think they are doing this to prevent him from reporting to outside people what they are doing to him.

As long as the courts allow the guardian to control that persons assets, that person becomes a slave with no options and no choices, and NO FREEDOM.

This us unacceptable for a veteran.
More info will be posted as it becomes available.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Warning: Theives at work at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and the administration does nothing. - Update

Today I was hounded by several veteran members who reported to me a discusting incident that occured within the last 24 hours.

Sunday night, 5 August 2012, at the Sunday Night Karaoke put on by Alan and Kathy. One of the workers who works down in the ITP room, who comes to Karaoke night, had her purse stolen by 3 of the members, two of whom are known drunks. It appears they intentionally preyed upon her to steal her money.  The purse was recovered but the money and credit cards and keys to her car were not. $10.00 was taken.

It is being reported that security looked into it, and 2 of the members admitted to stealing the purse. They are still here. Why?

After Months of openly drinking at the Pavilion in violation of having alcohol on the property, then moving over to the Duck pond landing at the end of Rankin building, one of the 3 individuals, although here by court order should be removed immediately and sent to the VA hospital in Battle Creek, or Locked up in a lock down unit for his part in this willful disregard of personal property.

The other person, known to steal already, should have had his things packed by noon and put out on the street.

The 3rd person remains unclear if he had anything to do with the theft but he was caught drinking with the other 2 on the property.

The victim has decided not to press charges. This is wrong. She needs to.  The home so far has done nothing to punish the other 2.

These 2 idiots make the rest of us look bad. One bad apple or in this case 2, are spoiling it for the rest of us. Why won't this administration do something about the thieves?  It must be because they want it to happen.

More info will be posted as it becomes available.

Update: NOTHING has been done to Scott. Nothing will be done to Scott. Marvin the 2nd person was just given a Paying JOB here, pushing a cart loaded with snacks up to the units in the Mann and McKleish buildings in the evenings.

This just in: Marvin was given 10 days out in addition to his new job when he gets back.
I guess its ok to steal stuff from people: You don't go to jail and you get a paid job here as a reward!
These 2 dumb asses are lucky the veterans haven't beat the crap out of them for stealing.

2nd Update: Scott put in courtyard for 30 days. Members are telling me Scott was put into courtyard today for 30 days for his part in this theft.  Court yard is where the ward is locked down, you have to have a care giver with you at all times when you go outside the ward, and there is no alcohol and limited smoking privileges while you are there.

So, a wrap up, it took this place 2 weeks to decide what to do with these 2. If the lady whose purse was stolen had pressed charges, it would  have taken the home just 12 hours.

Friday, August 3, 2012

No Protected Right to "ADEQUATE health care"; Appeals court over turns Suit aginst GRH4V privatization.

The Michigan Appeals court has overturned the lawsuit issued by Tony Spalone, a veteran at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, who filed suit to stop the privatization of the health care givers.

According to the article at the Detroit free press,  The court overturned the lawsuit in part because:

"The appeals court ruled that Spallone can’t demonstrate he has a protected right to receive adequate care at the home because “he is free to leave the home at any time.” ???!!!!!! But what about those who cannot? Nothing is mentioned of their plight.

Hey Michigan Appeals court, are you really that f-cking crazy? EVERY one of us here at the vets home has a right to expect ADEQUATE CARE. We pay for it, and we have paid for it.. Who ever made that ruling has their head so far up their ass they won't see daylight for 8 days.. I cannot believe the stupidity of any person to make such a statement. They need to be removed from the bench. This is not over yet. Next stop, US Supreme court. Count on it.

Now this place takes every penny away from a veteran once the veteran gets here. IF they have any pension or disability income, the home takes it all and the veteran only gets 100 of it to use for his personal use. If the veteran has a big pension or large bank account, the home then uses the court system to impose a "conservator" or "guardian" on the vet, and the vet then becomes property to some unknown person who controls the assetts of the veteran, while he has no voice in it. He becomes imprisoned.

 Yeah, we know who is paying for health care - WE ARE. We paid for it with our service, we paid for it with our taxes and we pay for it with what little assets we have left now.. and we are left with NOTHING, and no where else to go.. And now the state F'ks us over with this garbage.

Now I am in the Dormitory unit, we have 1 nurse a day for 8 hours, no health care people. But we are watching what is happening to the other vets, and we do NOT LIKE what we are seeing. After all, we will be their NEXT VICTIMS in just a few years. No, This is going to get a lot of people angry and you are going to start seeing people pulled out of this place, and lawsuits filed.

Way to go MICHIGAN, ya losers! You will be the second state to declare that you cannot or will not,  take care of your veterans. Shame on all of you.

This is Rick Snyders way of driving veterans out, and to close down the facility. He wants the federal money, just not the responsibility that goes with it.. And that jerk says hes for veterans.. My ass he is.. and I'm independent conservative.

Maybe we do need to have a 2,000 man march on the front lawn of this place for the politicians to take notice of. . Maybe then they will take their heads out of their tails.