Friday, August 17, 2012

Drugging Of Veterans to keep them quiet continues at GRH4V.

Well, what else do you call it, when the administration or nursing staff here, gives a man drugs for schizophrenia, for 3 days when  he has never been diagnosed with it?

This is what has happened to Richard Ware recently according to sources. For about 5 days Richard was in zombie land, and one day when he was lucid enough he called a local pharmacy and asked them what the drugs were for. After that he refused to take them.

Is this how GRH4V silences the people who are out spoken about the abuses going on daily at this facility?
It makes you wonder.

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  1. Unfortunately I think this could also be called a horrible mistake. I know of a guy at the home who this past year was receiving too much of his medication....everyone kept saying he was really sleepy, couldn't visit and then after about 4 days they finally discovered it was a wrong dosage (and possibly the wrong medication). It could have killed him and like so many of the patients there (he is a Vietnam Vet who has Parkinson's due to Agent Orange and is dependent) because of his physical condition he is really at their mercy.
    Question or two.... Is the staff handing out medications actually qualified to do this? What are the requirements in Michigan for nursing facilities and medications? Does anyone know this at the Vets home?


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