Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skitzo ex member assults member friend, warrents issued.

Jeremy Van Dyke is a veteran that is schizophrenia, and is on serious drugs to control it. He was assigned to the Dom unit while he was at the Vets Home. He recently left the home of his own will. His room mate and best friend was Tadd S.  Recently Tadd S went to go visit him and found he was off his medication. Tadd visited a girl friend of both of them and when Jeremy showed up he went off the deep end and assulted Tadd. Tadd's face shows the result.

A warrent for the arrest of Van Dyke is out, along with Personal Protection orders for Tadd, the girl, and Tadd's family for whom Van Dyke called on the telephone and threatened that he was comming to get them.

Too many times we have seen these kind of people allowed to run loose in society, and sooner or later they get off their medications and become a threat to people around them.

The Dom Unit has another skitzo. Mike. He is on serious drugs and requires a special shot every 2 weeks. People like this should be in a Nursing unit, or a controlled unit, not allowed to run free. They are a standing threat due to the fact that if the go off their med's, they become unpredictable and unstable.

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