Monday, August 13, 2012

They are destroying yet another family, like they did the Ware's.

Karen Fugi, take notice: you are being watched very closely. Your occupational license may be on the line.

It has come to the attention of this author, that yet another veteran is being victimized by the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Family destruction squad.

A veteran with dementia, who has a large bank account and many assets, has come to the home. His wife has power of attorney. He has been here less than 2 months and already Karen Fugi, reportedly his social worker, is attempting to get a guardian appointed to him. It is reported that within 3 days of his being here, someone at this home, got him to clean out his bank accounts. No one knows where that money went.

It is also being reported, that his wife has been told she is banned from the property and cannot have any contact with him.  HIS WIFE.. This destroys the family unit, and is unacceptable.

So Karen Fugi, cover your tail, because if it can be proved that what you are doing is a standard of operation, the removal of your occupational license will be sought in a higher court. As well as damages for what you are doing.

This is the same thing that happened to Richard Ware's family. And Richard while suffering from MS, feels imprisoned here and now they have him so drugged up he doesn't even know where he is half the time.  We think they are doing this to prevent him from reporting to outside people what they are doing to him.

As long as the courts allow the guardian to control that persons assets, that person becomes a slave with no options and no choices, and NO FREEDOM.

This us unacceptable for a veteran.
More info will be posted as it becomes available.


  1. OMG !! warning bells are going off in my head and Im scared. My family member is in skilled care, I am his conceratory with the courts and now Im wondering if I need to hire an Attorney to get guardianship. Whats going on, if the Court has appointed this Lady Guardianship how can this Social worker take it away from this lady? While we have no money, I dont want any of them to be able to make any desisions in reguard to him. I live 5 counties away and we keep in contact by phone and person visits and I have had a few run ins with the staff for lack of care. I have sent pictures of stuff gone on and written to probate court and usually its fixed. Now I wonder what goes on when we arent there. I know I have had so much trouble with 2 Nurses and have to bite my tongue alot and am reminded that they do retaliate when you confront them. Please Please follow up on this !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If you do not have guardianship of your family member, but power of attorney, it seems that the local magistrate will ignore that fact and get guardianship to another person whom they can control. When the time comes that your member needs someone to take over and be a guarding, be prepared to do so..

  3. I dont have power of attorney, just conseratory of his fianances. I will check with our Attorney today and see what she says. Please keep us updated on this. trickery is the worse kind of abuse.
    Thank you for having this blog.

  4. What the heck?? I've lived here for years, and had NO IDEA it was THIS bad. Cate, you may want to look into getting your loved one into an Adult Foster Care Facility. They usually offer more one on one care, and are MUCH MORE accountable to family members. This place is getting more and more outrageous. I'll tell you, my loved one's won't even ENTER the facility. When I inquired why, they told me that they are just SOO FED UP with the care (or lack there of) that we are getting, that they are afraid that if they run in to one or two of the staff members in particular, that they will get me kicked out, or place another bullseye on my back. One of my loved one's called the nurses station in tears one time, after getting no response on the member phone, and all but pleaded for the nurse to get me or let me know to call, as it was an emergency. The nurse in question simple snapped that she wasn't an answering service, and slammed the phone down. When I approached her supervisor, the only response I got was to simply fill out another one of those ABSOLUTELY USELESS yellow complaint forms, which they simply cover their butts with a LAME A_S excuse and throw in the circular file!! Why can't we get channel 3, 8, or 17 to look into all this abuse going on??? There HAS to be SOMEONE out there that CARES about us, I hope!!

  5. Ive had run ins with 2 nurses. One told me if I didnt leave she would call security and have me removed, so I told her to call them cause I would call channel 13 and 8, and I filed a complain against her. I left. I also still have the letter from management telling me how sorry they are that that happened.I can find alot of things they dont do to my standards but I dont say much anymore. I cant take care of my family member and truth be told, he gets more socialization there than he had at home. Its a 2 sided blade. I keep in touch with my contacts, Citizens for better care and elder abuse, and Have filed written complaints with the state and state has investigated them. I will keep doing what I can for my family member. I do however wonder about the members that have no family looking after them. Nursing has some sick ideas, some caregivers are horrible at best and I also know by law I can refuse to let a caregiver or a nurse care for my family member. I suggest we all remember who is running for local and state and federal offices and vote some new ones in. Best of luck to you. I love this blog, it keeps me informed of whats going on and when I ask my family member, he has no idea all this is happening, so I spread the word.

  6. Cate, If your loved one's abuse rises to a point of physical abuse /mistreatment, most Police Departments have a crimes against the elderly unit. You may want to contact GRPD and ask them if they have such a unit. That's all they handle, much like their gang or drug units. They may be able to investigate your abuse complaints. Unfortunately those of us that aren't of that age don't have that to fall back on. Good luck, and let us know if you have any luck!!


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