Sunday, December 23, 2012

2 years in the life of a veteran in need

This blog represents a period in time, covering about 2 years of my life at the State of Michigan ran Home for Veterans.

It chronicles the slow decay of level of care, and quality of life offered to veterans who found themselves living at this location.

Some had hopes of leaving, others dream of it, many are slowly accepting their dismal fate of that place being their last home.

I think it clearly shows that although Federal tax dollars are used to support the facility, the fact that Michigans dismal economy has caused the home to have to make cuts to programs and quality of life care. And that the administration of the facility is not caring properly for those veterans, and is not living up to the mission statement of the facility. 

As you take time to read thru the archives, remember, this is what has happened at this place. And know this: the staff has always had the opportunity to respond, and so far they refused to or fail to.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture of Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, is one that says  Michigan no longer truly cares for its veterans.

And as each day goes by without newer reports being filed here, remember that the Abuse of the Veterans continues.  And that Michigan's Guardian laws, allow guardians to continue their abuse our veterans and their destroying them financially. 

You be the judge.

See you in the next life.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Veterans for Justice Non profit group: Meltdown in progress

I hate having to report this news, but this blog is about the truth, and so with sadden heart it is in the best interest of all parties to know what is going on.

There has been a falling out amongst the main board of  officers that created the Non Profit group "veterans for Justice".  Due to communications problems,  the Trustee and Secretary have resigned. This occurred last week, and their resignations are still pending.  This weeks meeting was canceled by the President and they are unable to turn in their resignations.

Previously the Vice President resigned due to being involuntary discharged from the home, after a mental break down incident that many are calling a political assassination by the Homes administration. But his resignation was refused by the other officers of the group.

For 2 months the VP tried to participate as best he could, due to limitations placed on his movements. I.E the home said he could not set foot on the homes property without trespassing.

So during these 2 months, the secretary was informing the VP as to what was going on. Note the President only called the VP twice during that time.

It was THIS  "lack of communication" that made the Vice President forcefully impose his resignation upon the group in early December.

The Secretary and Treasurer also resigned for what ever reasons at around the same time that the VP imposed his resignation upon the group.