Monday, June 29, 2015

Fleecing the Veterans, 2 bucks for each 20 ounce coke.

At a location that is supposed to be serving veterans, once again Michigan is fleecing the veterans.

Here is proof:

2 liter Coke at walmart, 1.54  thats 67 ounces or over 3 20 ounce bottles.

At the homes price of 6 dollars for 3, 20 ounce bottles of coke, I could get just under 4 2 liters. 4 2 liters would be 6.20 which includes the 10 cent deposit. That means I could get 12 20 ounce refills for the price of paying for just 3, 20 ounce bottles of coke from the members coke machines in cozy corners.

2 dollars for a 20 ounce coke, 1.50 for a can, and 1.75 for a can of V8.  OUTRAGEOUS!

Guys in Dom unit who cannot cover their full cost of care, get 5 dollars a week for personal expenses.
Many guys in nursing unit only get the same amount.

Now a picture is worth 1000 words..
You decide, are these veterans getting fleeced?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dining hall problems at Vets home covered on local news.

Grand Rapids Home for veterans no longer allowing family to eat a facility 
  Click on link above for full story.

Where is the 2 Million dollars awarded for in-house psychological services ?

We have written here in previous posts, that there is little if any counseling for veterans at the Veterans home. Although required by the VA, the home did not have any qualified people employed there for a number of years.  Both nursing unit residents that needed help and Dorm unit people with various problems who needed help could not get it.

Recently an almost two million dollar contract was awarded to address this issue. Yet residents are not seeing it. Some are getting all kinds of Psychiatric drugs  but no one is getting any counseling, no one is seeing any mental health doctor appointments.

What happened to the 2 million dollars that was supposed to pay for it? How is that money being spent?  Vets are not seeing it.  The homes Board Of Managers claimed the Federal V.A. said the residents can go to the Wyoming Clinic which would require residents to travel to the new clinic. If doing so is an acceptable solution, why award a 2 million dollar contract for in house services? It is too hard for some of these veterans to travel to the Clinic. 

The need for in-house psychological services was established, the contract was signed. Why are these services not coming into the Home, or being done via telecast? 

The way the home currently accounts for monies being spent, I would not be surprised to find out they used the 2 million for something else.