Monday, June 29, 2015

Fleecing the Veterans, 2 bucks for each 20 ounce coke.

At a location that is supposed to be serving veterans, once again Michigan is fleecing the veterans.

Here is proof:

2 liter Coke at walmart, 1.54  thats 67 ounces or over 3 20 ounce bottles.

At the homes price of 6 dollars for 3, 20 ounce bottles of coke, I could get just under 4 2 liters. 4 2 liters would be 6.20 which includes the 10 cent deposit. That means I could get 12 20 ounce refills for the price of paying for just 3, 20 ounce bottles of coke from the members coke machines in cozy corners.

2 dollars for a 20 ounce coke, 1.50 for a can, and 1.75 for a can of V8.  OUTRAGEOUS!

Guys in Dom unit who cannot cover their full cost of care, get 5 dollars a week for personal expenses.
Many guys in nursing unit only get the same amount.

Now a picture is worth 1000 words..
You decide, are these veterans getting fleeced?

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