Sunday, August 27, 2017

2nd top administrator leaves GRHFV in less than a year - Scott is out.

Yes Scott has decided to leave. His reason: Same one Leslie gave us - family time.

Mmmm.. makes you wonder what the real reason is. 

But we know it. It is the MVAA, and the Snyder governments corruption.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

There is always 1 low life trying to ruin things.

Ya know, nothing is worse than some low life who trys to bring in ADULT entertainment to a retirement home where about 80 percent of the population are men, and 60 percent of them can't even get laid, let alone a proper "stiffie".. So why would parading around a bunch of younger half naked girls in front of them be entertaining? Heck, I think it would be frustrating as hell.

But that is what one low life was trying to do. 

As I look back on things that have happened in the last 3 years I see something that is making me scratch my head, wondering if it is all connected.

When Jerry and Greg went to Lansing to testify at a hearing in front of our legislature a few years back, there was a guy down in the lobby that approached Jerry and made it clear he wanted to bring adult entertainment into the home. This ended up with the guy stalking Jerry, and a No trespass order being issued upon the man. Can't remember his name at the moment.

Then earlier this year, when the local community held a public meeting at the old clinic about what was going to happen at that location, that same guy was there. Again. Why?

Then I remembered something else.. There was a scandal in recent years, involving a number of people in the legal field (court system) here in Grand Rapids, and adult entertainment was part of that, and I think several judges, prosecutors or other such people were involved.

Which makes me wonder if Jim Redford, former Judge in Michigans court system who now runs the MVAA, and who claims the MVAA owns the former VA clinic, had some thing to do with that scandal.

I mean why else would the low life guy be at that meeting that was being run by the local neighborhood people?

And all that put together makes me question Redford. And we know Redford is one of Gov Snyder's friends. And we all know what Snyder thinks of Veterans.. Just like we know what Snyders other friend (Sheutte) thinks of them.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Not unlawful to trade or sell a pack of smokes.

The fact of the matter is this: it is not unlawful to sell a pack of smokes. A pack of "rollies", or even a professional made pack, you as a citizen have the right to trade them, sell them, what ever you want to call it.

What we have at the Vets home, is an administration that wants the entire grounds to be non smoking. And they are doing this to force a reduction in the number of guys smoking, thinking that if they cannot afford them, they will quit smoking. Stupid if you ask me. Guys will just pay more for them, and we will have people digging thru the ash cans again.

A non smoking facility, including grounds, will be all but impossible to achieve until the new home is built.

In the case of the 4. We don't even know what crime they could be charged with. So lets see what they could be.

1. tax evasion, via the USE tax.
2. tax evasion - Tobacco stamp tax act.
3. what else? a possible distribution charge?

Now these guys did not go out and get those smokes. They were brought in. What they did was distribute them. This is like them buying 3 cartons, then trading at cost one of them to a friend. Nothing wrong with that. And most people see nothing wrong with that. And most people do not see anything wrong with going out of state to get lower costs smokes. That 2 dollar tax on each pack is not being used for heath care, it gets dumped into the general fund and wasted with all of our other tax money. So why even have it? Most folks see that as another money grab by the state, which has miss managed our states treasury and budget for over 3 decades.

What the home sees as an issue, is these are Manufactured smokes that do not have Michigan tobacco stamp on them. This is like you or I going out of state, and buying a bunch of smokes that cost less than if you got them here and bringing them home. And the administration thinks that is wrong.
Under Michigan law, (and i think this is TOTALLY unconstitutional), the USE tax kicks in when you buy something out of state. You are supposed to report it on your MI 1040 income tax form and pay the Michigan sales tax on the item. Doesn't matter if you paid another states sales tax. And I think that is wrong, but it is the law. I see this as being no different than if i buy something on line and don't have to pay Michigan sales tax. With Amazon, we do pay sales tax because Amazon has a warehouse in Michigan. But other shopping sites do not and when we order thru them, we do not pay Michigan sales tax. That is when the USE tax law goes into effect and it is the most violated tax law we have, and not much is done about it because the state cannot to much about it.
The state could push this as an issue.

2nd, the tobacco stamp tax act.. Since these are in fact, manufactured smokes, I believe the law says they have to have a Michigan tobacco stamp on them.

However, since these smokes were NOT sold at a retail level in Michigan, how does one get that stamp to put on them?

Again this comes down to personal trading, unless the state can prove that these 4 guys were selling them at a profit.

The MVAA, and the home had to act. They had no choice, IF the law was violated. However, this is a minor issue if it is because of the way it was done by these 4 guys.

The man who BROUGHT the smokes to the home is the one who is in real serious trouble.
The MVAA has been criticized for not enforcing policy. Well they are now. And its on 4 guys who are easy targets. That is what is upsetting so many people.

No matter what the MVAA and the administration does, it will look like they are bullying the veterans. Doing this will not help their reputation, which is already sour in the eyes of many people, especially after the bad audit which resulted in Sara Dunne's removal, and the latest fiasco from the MI AG office of charging 11 low level workers with criminal charges, while the AG office still has not held one upper management person accountable for the numerous crimes committed against residents under the previous administration.

Bottom line here.. What we are seeing is just another example from the old administration: Once a veteran is targeted for removal, (discharge) the home finds a way to do it, and these 4 were targeted long ago. After all, this administration under Scott has to get the population down to about 100 before the new home will be built. And this is one way to do it.

We can only hope that they find a safe place to go to.

4 Veterans kicked out of home for selling "illegal" cigarettes.

4 Guys from the Vets home in G.R. will be discharged for selling illegal smokes, according to news reports.

Apparently someone was bringing large quantities of smokes obtain from NY State Indian reservation that was tax free, and was distributing them at several locations within Michigan, including the veterans home.

2 guys started the operation of distribution at the home, and 2 more were brought into the operation. 3 of the 4 were actively selling individual packs, and cartons at cost. 1 was storing the inventory in a cabinet in his room.

It appears that the main players were given written directives to quit selling/distributing them both in 2016 and 2017. Yet they continued.

The result was the administration decided that since they would not follow the Homes rules, they would be discharged.

The veterans were told not to discuss this with anyone. Yet they did, and media was contacted.  The story is creating a lot of social input, and displeasure with the fact that once again, the home is kicking out 4 more guys for what ever reason.