Thursday, August 20, 2015

Board of Managers creates another conflict of Interest - Ombudsman?

Getting reports that the board of managers has once again created a conflict of interest with one of its members.

Like him or not, Lino Pretto apparently has been voted to be an Ombudsman for Rankin 2 and 3, the Dorm Unit.  How can Pretto, represent the needs of the veterans, while at the same time hes representing the Governor as a member of the board?

For years the veterans at the home have been asking for an independent ombudsman to represent them. Someone who is NOT already representing the government or its administration.

While some of the people on the Dom may talk to Pretto, most have told me they would not as they cannot trust that what they say will remain private and held in confidence.

Many still fear being targeted for discharge, if they speak up and voice their concerns or opinions. Doing this to a member of the board, is just not an option to them.

Pretto may be a better liaison person, acting as a go between, between the Vets and the board, but there is no way he can function as an independent Ombudsman with the veterans needs being his first priority.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Jim Dunn, Deputy Director Michigan Vets Agency, opens mouth and inserts foot.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The explosiveness of the main event at an MMA show Saturday night proved to be enough to overshadow a logistical issue that put the entire evening in jeopardy.

Jose' Johnson and Herman Evelhoch fought for three rounds and put the outcome in the hands of the judges as the thirteenth bout at the Veteran's Valor mixed martial arts event at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Saturday.

 A couple issues regarding the state agency that oversees the veteran's home were enough to throw the whole evening into question.

After four months of planning veteran's home director of community and member relations Tiffany Carr was informed Friday afternoon the event would have to be canceled due to improper paperwork and a ticket selling issue. (HUH?!!)

The event, promoted by Michigan Elite Fight League, was held to raise money for the veteran's home, Carr said. Tickets were sold online with the promise that all proceeds past the cost of the event would be donated back to the home.

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency deputy director of service administration Jim Dunn said that was too large a hurdle to jump.

"I learned about it for the first time (Friday) morning," Dunn said. "There were no written agreements that would have covered all the insurance, liability and permission to use the property."

Dunn said the state could not receive money from tickets sold to the fights and said he would have liked to have seen proper requests filed with the agency.   (Ed note: what u gonna do, send the money back?)

The paperwork he's referencing doesn't exist, Carr said.

"We have no contract or liability form for our volunteers or individuals who come to perform entertainment, family carnivals or anything like that," Carr said. "Honestly we've never really had any concerns or issues at least in my 15 years. We're an open campus. We have weddings that happen down in Grotto Park, we have senior pictures and engagement pictures." (open campus to all except those kicked out of the home).

All take place without a written agreement, she said.

"Up until Friday at 1 p.m. we had no issues or concerns about this event being here," Carr said. "We knew (the MMA promotion) had to have their own insurance and they do.

 "People raise money for us in all variety of ways. Just because it was a ticket online sale didn't make me feel any different than it would with people buying a Snickers bar or going to a car wash. People in turn are paying for something to give back to the veterans."

Ed Note: Jim Dunn you are an IDIOT.. Since when do YOU run the veterans home? I keep hearing thats the job of the Board of Managers.

Since when is it any of your concerns how people raise money to help the Vets? You sure ain't doing anything like that. You are too busy misrepresenting stuff to Rick Snyder, your buddy.

Maybe you should mind your own business and let the people who know how, raise their funds. And let the Vets enjoy the donations.