Thursday, August 20, 2015

Board of Managers creates another conflict of Interest - Ombudsman?

Getting reports that the board of managers has once again created a conflict of interest with one of its members.

Like him or not, Lino Pretto apparently has been voted to be an Ombudsman for Rankin 2 and 3, the Dorm Unit.  How can Pretto, represent the needs of the veterans, while at the same time hes representing the Governor as a member of the board?

For years the veterans at the home have been asking for an independent ombudsman to represent them. Someone who is NOT already representing the government or its administration.

While some of the people on the Dom may talk to Pretto, most have told me they would not as they cannot trust that what they say will remain private and held in confidence.

Many still fear being targeted for discharge, if they speak up and voice their concerns or opinions. Doing this to a member of the board, is just not an option to them.

Pretto may be a better liaison person, acting as a go between, between the Vets and the board, but there is no way he can function as an independent Ombudsman with the veterans needs being his first priority.

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