Sunday, September 6, 2015

Is the Grand Rapids "Home" for(?) Veterans, a Gateway for Legalized Pillaging?

Is the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans really a home that is for the Veterans, or is it a jobs program for state unionized workers, a treasure chest for the state revenuers, and a gateway for legalized pillaging?

This one shocked me. I know the Vets home in G.R. has reduced its capabilities to house veterans from a population of about 750 down to about 500 or so.. but what happened recently makes me wonder why we even have a veterans home in Michigan anymore. Apparently it does not serve the needs of the state's veterans.
A veteran, 85% disabled with a service connected disability, was refused admission to the Grand Rapids "Home" for(?) Veterans this past week. This man collects over $5,000 a month in VA disability. He was denied admission to the Home because he was married with a family but his home is not equipped for his disability. He is in a wheelchair and his home is being remodeled to accommodate him. I helped guide the family through the HISA process which will come in and do the necessary remodel. The Home refused to take him for 2 months because they wanted him for a minimum stay of 6 months. The VA would have paid for his stay at the Home without touching his pension. I was told that the only way the Home would accept him would be if he agreed to have a Guardian and Conservator imposed on him through the Kent County Court system. The family of course,  refused to do this. Their home is now on hold for the remodel as he has no place to stay for a short period of time. I am beginning to wonder if the Home is now planning on closing its doors, as it seems it is not serving the needs of our Veterans. And they can get health care just as good, and in most cases better, at private sector health care facilities.

Why would they do this to a veteran who has already paid a dear price for his service to our country and state?

Why get Kent County Probate Court involved?  That makes no sense at all - unless you know the real reason they do this.

This blog has documented the Veterans Homes usage of the Michigan Guardian/Conservator (GC) laws, to impose these people on veterans. The GC can charge the veteran outrageous fees, and in reality controls the veteran and his/her finances. The GC then systematical strips the Veteran of all of his/her assets which somehow end up in the hands of the State, leaving the Veterans family with nothing, even when they are dependent upon the veterans income.  

We have documented this process of the Veterans home using the Guarding/Conservative laws of the State of Michigan to pillage the lives and families of Veterans and their families. Many times this results in wives of veterans being thrown out of their own home on to the street, with few or no resources or options. 
This may be, because many of their generation did not put both names on property deeds and retirement bank accounts, thinking the surviving spouse would inherit it all.   Also the GC laws gives the state the authority to force a veteran to take medication he or she may not want nor need.  

In a recent case, the home was trying to force a veteran to take medication for a family condition that he had no signs of having which made him zombie like. They also were trying to force a CG upon him. Due to an accident, the veteran had to leave the home for a period of time for medical recovery. He and his wife decided he would not return to the home. His health has improved 200 percent and is now walking with the aid of a walker for the first time in 3 years. And he still shows no sign of having the family condition.

In another case, we had a WWII vet living at the vets home while his wife was living at their home raising a grandchild. The homes furnace went out and had to be replaced. We are told that somehow the veteran got help to get the furnace replaced (at a cost of about 7 thousand dollars), but it was conditional that the Veteran sign over the deed to his house which was valued at over 80 thousand dollars. The veteran did so, reluctantly.

The house was sold and the proceeds went somewhere other than to the veterans surviving family.  Where the proceeds to the sale of this veterans home, went, is any bodies guess. Did it go into the pockets of one of the Veterans Homes employees? Did it go into the state coffers? 

We have watched and documented the home (aka the State of Michigan) using this method to strip veterans of their wealth with NO accountability of the State. This is just plain wrong and in my humble opinion, nothing less than organized criminal acts. 

I believe the state and/or its representatives are doing this intentionally to supplement the states low revenue intake.  I also believe what they are doing is committing serious felonies. They may be following law and proper procedure, and what they are doing is may be allowed by law, but morally what they are doing is destroying the very people they are supposed to be serving and helping. And that makes it just plain wrong.

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