Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Board of Managers meeting

Submitted by Greg M.

A few days ago, we found the "department of military and veteran affairs, board of manager veterans home rules, on a Michigan government website OTHER than the MVAA Site.

these are the rules the administration is supposed to follow, which at first glance appears that they did not.

I found out about a "compliance" conference that I was allowed to request prior to appealing to the board of managers, that I was never told about so I went to this months meeting.

So here is what I saw at the meeting.

First, about 10 extra people showed up. This was Earnest Meyers last day. Prior to the official start, Lino Pretto was leading the pack of managers joking around, making jokes about everything and each other.

Meeting was called to order  Chairman Bob made it clear he was displeased that the MDVAA went forward with the change to the administration without first informing or involving the Board of Managers and threatened to resign if it continues. His premise was, if they were going to be doing that, why have a Board at all?  They did the same thing to Earnest Meyers with the 4th floor.

Various people spoke about various issues.
Population report about 437 residents (was 700 at one time when I was there)

No one from the GR administration was there. Jim Dunn was there.
The lady from the kitchens said the meal approval was running high among veterans and family members. I am going to call BULLS**T on this one.

The reason given by Jim Dunn for switching over to a nursing home system, is so that the home could do things that under the old system, they could not do.
They are trying to move forward based on the population at the home.

Doc Edgar talked about things, and the Electronic filing system. Said it would be a work in progress for years to come as there were lots of things to work out.. problems with the system, etc.. Lot of coding, and having to know what the codes mean took time to look things up, thus taking away doctors time from paitents.

Gary Davis came in and gave us another line of BS
Tiffany Carr came in and gave us even more.
She is on the board of managers for Freedom Cruise.

The manager of services and maintenance gave us a report too.

Talk about replacing the duckpond bridge and how estimated costs are going up. Claiming its an "historic" bridge.. bull.. yank it out and replace it.

Public comments. I mentioned that its wrong to prevent guys discharged from coming to the home to visit the guys. Especially if they were discharged for non violent things.  Bob, the chairman said he hadn't thought about my case in months. ( I have 2 open letters still unanswered by the board, sent since June 2015).  He has ignored my case. When I then mentioned the failure of the administration to give me that Compliance conference, he said he would refer it to the Attorney Generals office. This tells me I have no choice but to take them to court. 

I think its wrong, that there are guys who have physically beat up other members, destroyed homes property who are still allowed to be there, yet I got kicked out after my first incident. And now it bugs me even more to learn my due process rights were violated..

Everyone says I was targeted for removal. I think many in the Dom unit were. And that is why what used to be a population of 150 is down to 37 or so.

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