Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jim Dunn, Professional Liar or just Willfully Ignorant?

GR Home for Veterans CEO: 'We don't punish members' Jim Dunn is Acting CEO.

Jim Dunn. Deputy Director of Michigan Department of Veterans Affairs. A veteran, A lawyer and A professional liar. Either that or just plain willfully ignorant. And either one is inexcusable.

 Acting as temporary CEO of the health care system that is going to run both of Michigan's veterans homes, Jim has a habit of lying to people about the conditions at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans. He lies about the quality of care and now he is lying about punishment and abuse of veterans at that home. For a man that is supposed to be so intelligent, he is acting very stupid. 

While this years Federal VA audit of the home showed a number of problems, the fact is that punishment and abuse of resident veterans at the home has been normal operating policy of the home for quite some time.  This news source blog has documented a number of incidents of abuse, punishment and lack of quality care of the resident veterans over the years. Things Jim Dunn denies.

Jim Dunn's constant denial of the facts of reality for the resident veterans is the reason he needs to be removed as Deputy Director of Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. 

On the same day that WZZM 13 did an interview with Jim Dunn, I am told that a State Legislative person came to the home and did a undercover sting visit. Meaning that they came dressed in street cloths. Regular pull over shirt, blue jeans, and were able to talk to members without staff interference. However, security caught on  and figured something was up. I am told by witnesses to this event, that the State Rep person was very upset with what they saw at the home and had no idea things were that bad at the home. And has pledged to do what ever they can to improve things for the vets, and that they would be telling the rest of michigans legislature, what they saw, and what they heard from veterans on this trip. 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in 5 years, a member of the legislature has been able to do this. Or has done so in this manner. I would home that MORE of them would do so in the future. Come dressed in street cloths and just talk to veterans without taking any notes acting as if they are just family members visiting, They will be amazed at what they see and learn. 

Witnesses also told me that when this Representative walked into the main dining hall, where they encountered Jim Dunn. And that the look on Jim Dunn's face was someone who was about to sh*t their pants. Like the kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to say.  Wish I could have been there to see that. Which I could have gotten a photo of it - it would be worth a million bucks to me. 

Witnesses also told me that what the State Rep person saw and heard, contradicted what Jim Dunn told the WZZM reporter.  

FYI in the past, when ever a congress person went to the home to visit, Sara Dunne or her representatives would follow the congress person around like a puppy dog. I remind the readers that Michigan State Rep woman Winnie Brinks, whose district includes the home, was kicked off the property by Dunne herself.  Seems to me that such actions should have indicated that the home was trying to hide something - and now that something is beginning to be seen by the Legislature and others.  

People are also telling me that this new "streamlining operations" excuse by the MDVAA is just a cover up for the firing of Sara Dunn and Eric Alderman for these issues. Evidence is starting to support that idea. 



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