Saturday, May 17, 2014

Michigan Wasting taxpayer money on an UNQUALIFIED Service Represenative at the Vets Home.

Recently it was posted to this forum, that a Full time service officer was hired by the state, to help the veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, with their VA claims.

At a recent Town hall meeting held at the Neal Fonger VFW post, this same individual admitted he was not fully qualified to be a service officer.  Yet this man works full time doing who knows what, and is getting paid to do nothing, more or less.  And they think the VA has problems? This is defrauding the taxpayers, if you ask me.

Rich Strob, a disabled veteran and member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans)  who is a qualified service officer, was acting part time as the homes service officer. He was paid 50 bucks or so for fuel expenses for driving to the home. The home decided since they already had a service representative, they didn't need 2, so they took the Office chair out of the Service office, leaving a standard chair. So you can imagine a 1 legged man, trying to move a standard chair around an office?

Well, in truth they don't even have 1 service officer. Rich is a volunteer. And a registered Service officer with the DAV.  And the other guy isn't even qualified yet..  (but may be now, finally).

Great way to help our veterans, eh? And what a way to waste taxpayer money.. Most places hire guys AFTER they become qualified.. Isn't that fraud too?

Only at the Michigan Veterans home in Grand rapids, do they hire Top administrators and service representatives that are not even qualified for the jobs they hold.

Updated 5 June 2014

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