Monday, May 5, 2014

Board of Managers Minutes Not reflecting what happens at the meetings.

I am getting comments from 8 people so far, who claim they have gone to Board meetings, and then read that months posted Minuets.

All say that many things that are being said at the meetings, are not being reported. Descending opinions are not being posted. People who object, or whose opinions are in opposition to those of the board, or those who raise concerns are not being mentioned in the minuets.

One person wrote that he believes the Minutes posted should cover and report all things that happen at the meeting. Not necessarily word for word, but at least a short synopsis of what happens as each item is brought up for discussion.

All said too much information that would be of interest to the general public, is being left out because it might reflect negatively on the administration or board.

Therefore I encourage people to attend these "open" meetings to find out for themselves.

Also I got a complaint that the board has changed the Date for the May meeting. According to the rules they are supposed to give 30 days notice and they have not.

I just mark that up as further proof that the home has a double standard and rules are only advisory items for the administration and board members.

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