Friday, May 9, 2014

Area Apartment Complexes discriminating against Hud Vash, section 8 housing.

News for Veterans.

It is becoming quite apparent that a group of Apartment complexes located on the NW part of the city are now discriminating against Section 8 housing.

What started as a new ownership at one location, resulted in the new owners refusing to accept new section 8 or HUD VASH housing applicants. Those already at the location were allowed to renew their lease, but not move into other apartments, even if those apartments were less costly.

THEN at a veterans meeting at the Outreach office, it was discovered that several veterans had tried to relocate to other complexes and they too have adopted a no section 8 policy.

A group of veterans will be visiting their Federal congressmen next week, and are thinking of filing a joint complaint.

Those veterans in the Dorm unit at the veterans home who need the section 8 or HUD VASH vouchers to be able to leave the home, will find it more difficult to find proper housing due to this discrimination..

At my current location there are over 20 veterans using the HUD VASH program, which is funded by the VA but administered thru the HUD office. Most of us are disabled in one way or another. This is not good news for veterans.

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