Saturday, May 17, 2014

US Congressman holds "listen to the Vet's" meeting at GR VA Clinic

The VA Clinic in Grand Rapids is located right next to the Michigan Veterans home, called the Grand Rapids home for veterans.  Friday, the VAC held a little Session with one of the US Congressional  Representatives to hear the veterans concerns. 
At the VA Clinic, Congressman Huizenga held a "listen to the vets" session on Friday.
And the vets voiced their disapproval of the managing of the VA, and long wait times and their frustration.

Huizenga said it was a problem of communication and that the VA's budget had increased by billions of dollars over the last 4 years.. Veterans said it was and still is, poor management.

UPDATE: 21 May. Corrected title of Mr. Huizenga from State Rep to US Congress.
Thanks for the correction Mr. anonymous commenter.

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