Sunday, May 4, 2014

Visit to the Home on Saturday, Rumor mill news

This past Saturday was a good day for me. Finally a day off from climbing towers so I went over to the vets home to visit friends. Got some interesting feed back from the guys there.

So here we go with my contribution to the Rumor Mill news portion of this blog.

Apparently something has happened to Board of Managers Chairman Earnest Meyers who has had his ego put in check. Reports are he got his butt chewed out on 3 occasions.

Also it is being reported that most if not all board members have made it clear that they wish to be dismissed from their duties as soon as replacements can be found. That reminds me of Rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Also, the home now has a full time service officer to help the veterans get their benefits from the VA.

Someone said that the VA has caught the home diverting funds, and now has a full time person there to oversee the usage of VA funding.  WOW. Not that we didn't already know this was happening.

Theft of personal property of veterans is still an on going issue, and that some of the thievery  is being done by fellow veterans. Nothing worse than a thief.

There are 2 documented cases of thievery, and the local police will NOT get involved, even though the home is in their jurisdiction. Guess the State police will have to be called in.

I talked to Greg M yesterday. His lawyer has filed another appeal with the board to get him approved to be able to return to the property to visit friends and go to Guitars for Veterans. Apparently he has even accepted the idea of a probationary period. We will see what happens.

Incidentally, Greg spent a weekend at Spectrum ER unit recently. The bacterial infection he has been fighting for over 2 years came very close to putting him into septic shock. He had an overnight stay while they pumped him full of liquid antibiotics. He is doing ok now, but still feels like hes been ran over by a truck. He says he finally gets to see his new Primary care person, a new PA that they hired recently for his yearly check up - that is 6 months over due, at the clinic next door to the home.

Ed M., who got kicked out of every nursing unit, then sent to the Dom unit has been kicked out of the home for drinking. This is the guy who parked his mothers car at the chapel entrance, and who is indirectly responsible for getting Greg kicked out, and who then continued to park the car there for the last 2 winters, which serves as proof of the double standard the home imposes on Veterans who live there.  Upon hearing of his discharge, many veterans cheered. But some got angry as it is becoming clear that Ed allegedly owes a lot of veterans money he has borrowed but never paid back.
This is why the home has a policy that tells veterans not to loan money to other veterans.

The guys say the food has not improved yet. Is still being served darned near at room temperature, and the grounds crew finally took down the smoking tent area under the pavilion.

Other than that, its the same ole same ole at the home..

Enjoyed a few games of pool in Kozy Corners, took 3 friends out to lunch, and had a good visit.

That is all for now.. will post more next time I get to the home for another visit. - Joe.

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