Sunday, May 25, 2014

Commentary that is Garbage, will not be approved for posting.

Anonymous has left a new comment:

" Post yours. Then follow the link, do your research, and post the truth. Not what you THINK is the truth. If you want people to start posting their real names, why don't YOU post all the comments that people post, not just the ones that "support" your argument. Facilitate real discussion, not just one sided narrow minded views.


"This blog is written by a man who needed help when he fell flat on his face. Then he found help, and the people who helped him are victims of his one sided opinions. You're looking the gift horse in the mouth.

 "  Maybe it's just you.


Have you seen the TV Series they did on the Kent County Prison? It was called Lock down: Grand Rapids. They showed the food being served, and I'd say the quality was debatable. Some of it certainly looked to be of poor quality."

The reason these comments have not been published, is that they contribute nothing to this blog. They are intended to start arguments, not discussions.

As for the 1st comment. I suggest the author go live at the Vets home then comment in about 8 months, if they can last that long.Furthermore notice the writer says "support your argument". Proof of lack of reading skills. No one is arguing here, only you, which is why most of your comments have not been posted. They are garbage, are full of personal attacks, and are a waste of my time and Joe's time.  

I am not here to do research. I am not a professional. I don't have to get it perfect. Anyone with half a brain knows a blog is by its nature a biased source of information or entertainment depending on the purpose of the blog.  Now since the author of this original comment offers no first hand testimony to counter the reports posted here, the original posts stand as factual as reported. 

As for the 2nd and 3rd comments, the commenter has attacked one of  authors of this blog, when this blog is about many veterans at the home, not just one. So this is a personal attack and I would not normally allow such garbage to be posted.

The 4th Comment, has nothing to do with the subject. Prison food is not the same as Kent County Jail Food. 2 different groups. That is why that comment was not published. It shows the commentator has reading comprehension deficiencies.

But then again, they just were.

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