Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One of the staff members is Mr. Anonomus.

Interesting.. That the fellow whom has been leaving comments here seems to be one of the staff members who refuses to identify themselves.

The owner and publisher of this blog have chosen not to reveal their ID's,  due to the fact that the home has established that they will take revenge on the friends of these people, if they find out who they are. Guilt by association is normal policy for the home.

The fact is, those who need to know, already know.  But since the home has an established pattern of violating the states (and federal) law,  why give them more to break? This blog is protected free speech and if you don't like that fact, stop reading it. No one forces you to click on it, nor to read the articles posted.

This blog will stand by the home when it is right and blast it when it is wrong and as long as it continues to mistreat veterans and it will report about the poor management of the home which uses taxpayer dollars.

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