Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vets Home on man hunt for Blog Authors, even when they should already know who they are.

Oh My God. This really takes the cake. I mean how incompetent can these administrators be?

4 years on this blog and they still don't know who the 2 authors are? I have personally claimed credit for it over 40 times in the last year, while visiting people at the home, both Veterans and Staff!

I stopped in Friday after going to the clinic for an ultrasound and visited with a few guys. And now I am being told by several residents there, that the home is on a man hunt to find out who Joe and I are, believing we are either one of the residents, or volunteers.

Again, for the record, Joe and I are FORMER members of the DOM unit. Joe and I left of our own free will, unlike many who were just kicked out to the street. We do not reveal our true ID's because if we did, our friends at the home would pay the price.  That is how this administration works.

And I wonder, what are they going to do when they do find out who we are? Are they going to try to ban us from the property as they have so many people?  <snicker>  Because that is about the only thing they will be able to do.

This all points out to the fact that the home is being run by a group of  egotistical maniacs who expect people to kiss their ass if they want to be able to participate at the home (if they are outsiders), or if they want to continue living at the home if they are residents.

Apparently the administration is very very upset about the fact that at least 2 people are exercising their right of free speech, (Joe and I), exposing the corruption, wrong doings, and shear incompetence of the administration while at the same time exposing the abuse of the veterans by the administration or its policies.

To this I have to say: TOO Damn BAD!  Get over it. This is America and we have FREE SPEECH here.

If you don't like it, Leave a comment that does not attack the blog authors, and that adds some real information to the subject at hand.  Or better yet, Start your own Blog.

But wait!

GRH4V can't do that because their main activities person can't even boot up a computer, let a lone figure out how to use one; isn't that right Tiffany?

Also, we show support for the Administration when it does something right as we did during the past Christmas fiasco, that was done by a family member of one of the residents.


  1. The Administrator does know who you are - she has told me both your names. She does not read this blog anymore as much of the information is false and not even based on any facts. I am an employee of the Home, in a management position. I do not know you, but I do know that what you post is very subjective and opinionated.

  2. Really, they know? Then the reports I am getting make me wonder why people are claiming the home is asking folks who the authors are. One of these groups is lying. I am actually surprised you didn't even state the names of who you think we are.

    Yes our postings are subjective and opinionated. But then again, this is free speech.
    But yes, they are based on facts.. And I will address that in the next blog entry.


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