Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Union was right, and We told you so; underpaid workers result in substandard care of veterans.

Right from the Board of managers minutes.

Kevin M. a member of the Veterans home, voiced his concern over the lack of pay for the J2S contract workers, and stated that he and other members think that their low pay contributes to the high turnover rate of J2S workers. This results in veterans getting new people all the time and that makes them very very nervous.. (not to mention the high theft rate going on at the home).

The Union warned you: Lower paid health care workers will result in lower care and substandard care  being given to veterans. 

Well there ya go.. A direct report from one of the members that is ON RECORD of the High Turnover rate of the LOWER PAID workers that replaced State workers who stayed ON the job, while these contract workers work a few weeks then leave.  This is NOT good for our veterans.

And to think that Jim Dunn is STILL telling the state legislature that our veterans are getting good health care.. BULLSH*T!

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