Sunday, June 29, 2014

46 Million tax dollars for the Grand Rapids Home for veterans for maintenance?!

Ya'll remember Mrs. Winnie Brinks, the State legislator who was thrown out of the Grand Rapids home for Veterans which is in the district she represents in the Michigan Congress?

Well, according to her June 26th edition news letter:
A $37.3 billion budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 is on its way to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk. House Bill 5313 was the omnibus budget containing funding for: LARA, the departments of Insurance and Financial Services, Education, Transportation, Michigan State Police, Community Health, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development, Environmental Quality, Corrections, Judiciary, Human Services, Military and Veteran Affairs, and General Government.


$46 million for special maintenance for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and $665,000 for oversight of the facilities to the Board of Managers at the Home. Special guidelines were also established to increase compassionate and quality nursing care services at the home so that members can achieve their highest potential of wellness, independence, self-worth and dignity.

Can someone tell me please, why does the Board of managers need 665 thousand dollars, and what that 6 hundred and 65 thousand dollars is going to be used for? For oversight of what? Hell, Earnest Meyers told one former member that he runs the place, and yet Meyers doesn't have a clue as to whats really going on there. Board member Leno Pretto supposedly went up to a member he wanted to talk to, and to whom he should have known, and when the veteran denied being himself, Pretto ended up walking away. DUH!  No idea who is whom, who lives at the home.

So what is the 46 MILLION for maintenance for? The home already got a special appropriations to fix the broken Chiller system. IS this for the 4th floor, that supposidly has been paid for already? 46 Million can practically rebuild the Rankin building.  Do they really need 46 million?

I cannot help but wonder and be concerned, that this money may be re-routed, misused and, or even out right stolen, instead of being used for its intended purpose, as other funds in the past have been.

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