Friday, July 11, 2014

What now, is the purpose of having a Dorm Unit at the Veterans home?

I just got back from a luncheon that was held at the Veterans Outreach Clinic over on Century Avenue. Had a great time there, networking with other veterans and advocates of veterans issues.

One topic came to the table and it took me by surprise, and I ended up being one of the speakers at todays lunch.

One of the guys told me that he recently applied to be in the Dorm unit. But that Gary Davis told him that he had to have 2 things to be accepted: 1st was a disability and 2nd was an income.

What happened to helping homeless veterans? At one time the Dom units purpose was to help get vets off the street, and give them a "time out" where they could get their lives together and slowly work their way back into society. That is why the Dom was sometimes called the "transitory" unit. I.E. people came and people went.

And during that time their cost of care was provided for, in part by the Federal VA, and in part by the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund. Apparently this is no longer the case.

So if the Vets home is not going to help homeless veterans, why have it? Or are they going to turn it into another nursing unit?

Last I heard they only had one part time nurse, Kathy, aka the prison nurse who has on several occasions called the veterans there, "inmates".

Since the Dom unit has gone from 200 vets, down to less than 50, why even have it? Or is the problem the simple fact that they haven't found enough reasons to kick out the remaining 50 like they did to so many other vets, instead of getting them the help they needed?

A few former members of the Dom were present, as well as one former member of Rankin 1, the nursing unit housed in the same building as the Dom unit which was on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Rankin building.

They all said that the home overcharged for services rendered, and took all their money, making it impossible for them to transition back to the community.

Dan claimed that they took over 4million dollars from him, for being in Rankin 1, and that is why he left.

Now personally I doubt Dan ever had 4 million, and that the home took that much from him, but, I do not doubt they did take what he had.   The basic fee for being in Dom unit is 2100 a month, and the price goes up from there. Some guys in Nursing units over in McKliesh and Mann buildings have told me they get charged 5 to 7 thousand dollars each month for their care.

Add a conservator/guardian to the mix and a veteran can be assured all of his assets will be taken from him before he passes on.

So why have a Dorm unit, if its no longer being used to help homeless veterans which is why the home was BUILT in the first place after the civil war? And why it has continued to this day.

Any one know?

Update: Since the Michigan Veterans Trust fund was used to pay for veterans who were homeless and without incomes, and since the home is no longer taking vets in to the Dorm Unit who do not have an income, therefore not drawing on the Michigan Veterans Trust fund,   what is happening to that Michigan Veterans Trust fund money? Is it being diverted for other things, as is the trademark of the Rick Snider administration ( and the GR Home for veterans administration)?

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