Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What others have posted here.

I looked through the comments section today and decided to post a collection of some of the comments for your reading enjoyment. Every comment is already published at the appropriate article.  So none of this is new.

justin castleman  June 14, 2014 at 1:31 AM      Justin is a former member of Rankin 3, Dorm unit.

well first off, i will say good on you for writing this blog, im not afraid to say my name.. im justin castleman, and i find grhv disgusting. its a trap for the able and unable alike, for the dom guys, go ahead and get a job, but werer going to take just about all your money, then kick you out and give you no shot at making it on you own... but wait if you stay, were gonna take your pension and all benefit money you get. also dont worry were gonna open your mail and put a fat balding incomptent prick named dwigt ferguson in charge of you... nevermind the fact the man has the moral decency of a streaker or a alcoholic. its a shame our nations hero's are nothing more than a non personal cash cow for there un precidented ignortant ways.
i for one support this site.. and i pray one day that good for nothing twit sara dunn and her secret lover, that fillipino midget fonzy gary davis fall of the face of the earth.. because i have seen death row inmates with better personalties.

AnonymousJune 11, 2014 at 12:08 PM

The Administrator does know who you are - she has told me both your names. She does not read this blog anymore as much of the information is false and not even based on any facts. I am an employee of the Home, in a management position. I do not know you, but I do know that what you post is very subjective and opinionated.

Both of us? LAMO that proves you know nothing. (comment added today). Oh and that commenter above, was Eric Alderman.

Mike MartinOctober 9, 2012 at 4:10 PM

As a fellow veteran, I think your behavior is a disgrace. You have your own weaknesses and flaws and instead of addressing them, you chose to print lies and attack other people. Most of the time your information isn't even correct. You do not represent the members at the Home, you only represent yourself. You need to grow up, plain and simple. Try acting like a Vet some time. See if you can change and at least have respect for yourself. Stop using your blogs for self pity. Most of the members do not even realize you have this blog, so stop painting yourself as a man of the people. Learn how to be a man first and then maybe you can help others.

Most members do not have access to the internet even though we have been paying for it with our tax money for over 20 years. The homes administration refuses to get internet wired throughout the facility. So how could they know or even access it?  This isn't for them, its about them. Even an idiot like yourself should be able to read the headlines on the main page ; to inform the public as to whats really going on at the home. 

Lynn SoellAugust 21, 2012 at 7:24 AM

Unfortunately I think this could also be called a horrible mistake. I know of a guy at the home who this past year was receiving too much of his medication....everyone kept saying he was really sleepy, couldn't visit and then after about 4 days they finally discovered it was a wrong dosage (and possibly the wrong medication). It could have killed him and like so many of the patients there (he is a Vietnam Vet who has Parkinson's due to Agent Orange and is dependent) because of his physical condition he is really at their mercy.
Question or two.... Is the staff handing out medications actually qualified to do this? What are the requirements in Michigan for nursing facilities and medications? Does anyone know this at the Vets home?

Friday, October 16, 2015

More 4th Floor Fraud at the Vets home?

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday.. At the board of managers meeting, there was talk of soliciting funds to pay for the "continual renovations" on the 4th floor..

What a FRAUD!  we all know that the money for this floor is being re-routed for other uses.. Its an endless black hole for money.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Board of Managers meeting

Submitted by Greg M.

A few days ago, we found the "department of military and veteran affairs, board of manager veterans home rules, on a Michigan government website OTHER than the MVAA Site.

these are the rules the administration is supposed to follow, which at first glance appears that they did not.

I found out about a "compliance" conference that I was allowed to request prior to appealing to the board of managers, that I was never told about so I went to this months meeting.

So here is what I saw at the meeting.

First, about 10 extra people showed up. This was Earnest Meyers last day. Prior to the official start, Lino Pretto was leading the pack of managers joking around, making jokes about everything and each other.

Meeting was called to order  Chairman Bob made it clear he was displeased that the MDVAA went forward with the change to the administration without first informing or involving the Board of Managers and threatened to resign if it continues. His premise was, if they were going to be doing that, why have a Board at all?  They did the same thing to Earnest Meyers with the 4th floor.

Various people spoke about various issues.
Population report about 437 residents (was 700 at one time when I was there)

No one from the GR administration was there. Jim Dunn was there.
The lady from the kitchens said the meal approval was running high among veterans and family members. I am going to call BULLS**T on this one.

The reason given by Jim Dunn for switching over to a nursing home system, is so that the home could do things that under the old system, they could not do.
They are trying to move forward based on the population at the home.

Doc Edgar talked about things, and the Electronic filing system. Said it would be a work in progress for years to come as there were lots of things to work out.. problems with the system, etc.. Lot of coding, and having to know what the codes mean took time to look things up, thus taking away doctors time from paitents.

Gary Davis came in and gave us another line of BS
Tiffany Carr came in and gave us even more.
She is on the board of managers for Freedom Cruise.

The manager of services and maintenance gave us a report too.

Talk about replacing the duckpond bridge and how estimated costs are going up. Claiming its an "historic" bridge.. bull.. yank it out and replace it.

Public comments. I mentioned that its wrong to prevent guys discharged from coming to the home to visit the guys. Especially if they were discharged for non violent things.  Bob, the chairman said he hadn't thought about my case in months. ( I have 2 open letters still unanswered by the board, sent since June 2015).  He has ignored my case. When I then mentioned the failure of the administration to give me that Compliance conference, he said he would refer it to the Attorney Generals office. This tells me I have no choice but to take them to court. 

I think its wrong, that there are guys who have physically beat up other members, destroyed homes property who are still allowed to be there, yet I got kicked out after my first incident. And now it bugs me even more to learn my due process rights were violated..

Everyone says I was targeted for removal. I think many in the Dom unit were. And that is why what used to be a population of 150 is down to 37 or so.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Withholding critical information denies proper due process to Discharged veterans at GR Vets home..

Michigans Administrative law, found in a PDF file named 46_10045_Admincode.pdf  is a critical piece of information that the Veterans home in Grand Rapids failed to inform veterans of.

State of Michigan administration code file <Click here> to download

When a veteran at the home gets kicked out they are told they can appeal to the board of managers.

HOWEVER this RULE, says they are also entitled to a compliance conference Rule 32.83

THEN under R 32.85 Rule 15, Subpart B states that within 15 days of the decision of the compliance conference, the Veteran can file an appeal with the Board of managers.

The veterans are NOT being informed of their right to a compliance conference. This is a MAJOR FLAW in their right to due (fair) process.

This may be grounds to have jurisdiction to take the home to court and have the discharges overturned.

R33.89 states that the boards ruling can be appealed to the circuit court. This too is not being told to our veterans. Another denial of due (fair) process.

I am looking into this more closely, looking up the actual Michigan laws, and the original Executive order. More on this later.

Mich Dept Vet Agency makes GRH4V Board of Manager policies available for Download.

For the first time, a person can go to the Michigan Dept of Veterans Affairs and down load the Vets home policies.
Vets home policies, click here

Click on the policy PDF file, and save it, or read it on line, your choice!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Abuse and Punishment at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Just definition of abuse, or punishment do we apply when it comes to caring for our veterans?

Punishment itself can be a form of abuse.  While everyone would agree that sometimes a person needs to face punishment for wrong doings, you must also take into account where these action are taking place: at a state ran institution that tells its residents that it is a hospital, whose name says its a "home" for "veterans". All of which is misleading.

Not only is this location a place for veterans, several family members (wives) of Veteran also are in residence here. Two of these ladies are currently living in the Dorm unit. Both are treated with high levels of respect by the younger veterans who live there.

The administration also calls this a Hospital, due to the fact that there are full time nurses at work. And other professionals that help with the healing of people, both physical and in a very very limited way, the mental aspects.

The main focus of this institution was for veterans. And veterans are different from ordinary people, due to their experiences. Military life is hard, even in peace time. And it can leave unseen scars on a person for years afterwards.  Military people tend to react differently than most folks, to common situations. This is why this place is special. Every vet is a special needs person due to their service.

We are going to focus on the Veterans. Some times these guys get out of line so to say and need to be reprimanded. They need to face punishment for what they have done.  For Jim Dunn (deputy director of MVAA) to say veterans are not punished is an out right lie and proves he is ignorant of what goes on at the Home.

For guys in the Dorm unit, proper punishment can be a written warning, or days off. Meaning they are kicked out of the home for 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and 7 days. As "independent living" people, capable of taking care of themselves and not needing nursing or care giving, this kind of punishment serves to remind them that it is a privilege to live at the home. And that doing so means they have to live by the rules of the home or face permanent discharge. Before permanent discharge a veteran usually gets a few chances to correct their behavior with the warnings and lesser "time out" days.

However, some do not get that luxury and are discharged on their first offense.  

Never mind the rules written in the "members hand book". The past administration never did follow those rules, and a double standard has been policy for the last 5 years.  THIS is seen by many as ABUSE of Veterans who are used to a strict chain of command and strict adherence to the established rules by everyone in that chain of command.

For the nursing units, punishment can be a number of things. Disallowing the veteran to go to the clothing room to get even more clothing (when they don't need any more), would be an acceptable punishment. We do have veterans with hording issues. A guy in Dorm unit used to horde junk mail which became a fire hazard. He was punished by permanent discharge for that and other reasons.

Some guys are in powered wheel chairs. These guys OWN these chairs. The punishment of having these chairs taken away as a punishment should be seen as ABUSE;  except in the case where the veteran has proven to the staff that due to physical and/or mental issues, the veteran lacks the skills to properly operate the power chair without becoming a danger to himself, others, or property. 

Walking into a veterans room in the middle of the night and snapping on all of the lights, thus waking up all the guys in that room, is seen by many vets, as abuse. Not respecting the privacy rights of veterans is also seen by the membership as abuse. Abuse doesn't always have to be physical.

And that abuse goes both ways. I have seen veterans get down right nasty with care givers and nurses that are trying to help them.  Case in point.  My room mate and I were interrupted one day when it was announced we would be getting a 3rd person in our 4 man room. The caregivers brought him up from another unit and this guy cussed them out calling them every name in the book he could think of because he was angry that he was being moved from that unit. His abuse of the staff was not acceptable. His other abuses eventually got him permanently discharged from the home.

Is it abuse of veterans to feed them a high carbohydrate diet when so many are suffering from Diabetes? Some would say yes.

Is it abuse of veterans, for staff members to go to a member council meeting and threaten them with disciplinary action, for the actions of another member who is not even in that unit? This happened many times at Dorm Unit member council meetings.

Is it abuse of a veteran, when that veteran is afraid to speak up, out of fear of being targeted for dismissal?

Is it abuse of Veterans, when staff members go to member council meetings, talk down to veterans then ignore what Veterans have to say in reply? This was standard policy the entire time I was at the home.

Punishment does happen at the home. So does abuse. And that abuse goes both ways.

To act as if it does not happen, is to deny reality and what goes on at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jim Dunn, Professional Liar or just Willfully Ignorant?

GR Home for Veterans CEO: 'We don't punish members' Jim Dunn is Acting CEO.

Jim Dunn. Deputy Director of Michigan Department of Veterans Affairs. A veteran, A lawyer and A professional liar. Either that or just plain willfully ignorant. And either one is inexcusable.

 Acting as temporary CEO of the health care system that is going to run both of Michigan's veterans homes, Jim has a habit of lying to people about the conditions at the Grand Rapids Home for veterans. He lies about the quality of care and now he is lying about punishment and abuse of veterans at that home. For a man that is supposed to be so intelligent, he is acting very stupid. 

While this years Federal VA audit of the home showed a number of problems, the fact is that punishment and abuse of resident veterans at the home has been normal operating policy of the home for quite some time.  This news source blog has documented a number of incidents of abuse, punishment and lack of quality care of the resident veterans over the years. Things Jim Dunn denies.

Jim Dunn's constant denial of the facts of reality for the resident veterans is the reason he needs to be removed as Deputy Director of Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. 

On the same day that WZZM 13 did an interview with Jim Dunn, I am told that a State Legislative person came to the home and did a undercover sting visit. Meaning that they came dressed in street cloths. Regular pull over shirt, blue jeans, and were able to talk to members without staff interference. However, security caught on  and figured something was up. I am told by witnesses to this event, that the State Rep person was very upset with what they saw at the home and had no idea things were that bad at the home. And has pledged to do what ever they can to improve things for the vets, and that they would be telling the rest of michigans legislature, what they saw, and what they heard from veterans on this trip. 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in 5 years, a member of the legislature has been able to do this. Or has done so in this manner. I would home that MORE of them would do so in the future. Come dressed in street cloths and just talk to veterans without taking any notes acting as if they are just family members visiting, They will be amazed at what they see and learn. 

Witnesses also told me that when this Representative walked into the main dining hall, where they encountered Jim Dunn. And that the look on Jim Dunn's face was someone who was about to sh*t their pants. Like the kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to say.  Wish I could have been there to see that. Which I could have gotten a photo of it - it would be worth a million bucks to me. 

Witnesses also told me that what the State Rep person saw and heard, contradicted what Jim Dunn told the WZZM reporter.  

FYI in the past, when ever a congress person went to the home to visit, Sara Dunne or her representatives would follow the congress person around like a puppy dog. I remind the readers that Michigan State Rep woman Winnie Brinks, whose district includes the home, was kicked off the property by Dunne herself.  Seems to me that such actions should have indicated that the home was trying to hide something - and now that something is beginning to be seen by the Legislature and others.  

People are also telling me that this new "streamlining operations" excuse by the MDVAA is just a cover up for the firing of Sara Dunn and Eric Alderman for these issues. Evidence is starting to support that idea. 



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CEO assigned to state's Veteran Health System.

From channel 13,, used without permission.

LANSING, Mich. (WZZM) -- Leslie Shanlian has been appointed CEO of the Michigan Veteran Health System in an effort to modernize the state's veteran facilities, state leaders say.
Officials announced Shanlian's assignment Wednesday morning, which is effective Oct. 26, according to a news release. She will oversee the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans in addition to the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette.

"Her leadership during this transition will reinforce MVAA's core values of innovation, inclusion and customer service for the veterans who live in the homes and the staff who provide quality long-term care there," said Jeff Barnes, director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, in a statement.

Each home's day-to-day operations will be managed by a chief operating officer while Shanlian oversees procurement, finances marketing and reporting to both the state and the federal VA.
Shanlian, a licensed nursing home administrator, previously served as the deputy director of Aging and Adult Services Agency under Gov. Rick Snyder. She, too, was the associate executive director and administrator of Henry Ford Village in Dearborn.
The positions of Grand Rapids home administrator Sara Dunne and director of operations Eric Alderman were eliminated in September. A report issued this spring found significant problems, with some "residents explained there is no accountability for the administration and several residents are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation."
A spokeswoman said the report did not dictate the leaders' departure.

Friday, October 2, 2015

VA audit of home finds abuse and lack of proper management at Vets home.

WZZM, channel 13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been following the news of the removal of 2 top jobs at the home.  Lead administrator Sara Dunne and Director of operations Eric Alderman have been relived of duty, by what the Michigan department of veterans affairs calls "streamlining operations", and that their removal is not based on their performance.

However, documents obtained by WZZM show abuse of veterans, lack of proper care, and failure to timely report incidents to the Federal VA as required by law.

One can only ask, is this "streamlining" a case of a cover up to justify the removal of these to top administrators.

The residents claim there is a long history of abuses that started at the time Sara Dunne was made temporary administrator after the departure of former top administrator Frank Sanarski.  The Dunne administration denies any such history. Yet this blog has reported many issues at the home. In recent past, the dining hall problem went public, when the home was found not to have a proper license to offer meals to visitors, and the administration was considering not to obtain the required license. Backlash from that decision along with the outright embarrassment to the administration  of the State Representative for this district Winnie Brinks offering to pay the cost of the license, forced the home to correct the problems and obtain the license.

This story will continue as the new administration takes place, and as more changes are being made to "streamline operations".

We will keep you posted here, and on our Facebook page:  Grand Rapids Home For Veterans Blog#2