Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Withholding critical information denies proper due process to Discharged veterans at GR Vets home..

Michigans Administrative law, found in a PDF file named 46_10045_Admincode.pdf  is a critical piece of information that the Veterans home in Grand Rapids failed to inform veterans of.

State of Michigan administration code file <Click here> to download

When a veteran at the home gets kicked out they are told they can appeal to the board of managers.

HOWEVER this RULE, says they are also entitled to a compliance conference Rule 32.83

THEN under R 32.85 Rule 15, Subpart B states that within 15 days of the decision of the compliance conference, the Veteran can file an appeal with the Board of managers.

The veterans are NOT being informed of their right to a compliance conference. This is a MAJOR FLAW in their right to due (fair) process.

This may be grounds to have jurisdiction to take the home to court and have the discharges overturned.

R33.89 states that the boards ruling can be appealed to the circuit court. This too is not being told to our veterans. Another denial of due (fair) process.

I am looking into this more closely, looking up the actual Michigan laws, and the original Executive order. More on this later.

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