Friday, October 2, 2015

VA audit of home finds abuse and lack of proper management at Vets home.

WZZM, channel 13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been following the news of the removal of 2 top jobs at the home.  Lead administrator Sara Dunne and Director of operations Eric Alderman have been relived of duty, by what the Michigan department of veterans affairs calls "streamlining operations", and that their removal is not based on their performance.

However, documents obtained by WZZM show abuse of veterans, lack of proper care, and failure to timely report incidents to the Federal VA as required by law.

One can only ask, is this "streamlining" a case of a cover up to justify the removal of these to top administrators.

The residents claim there is a long history of abuses that started at the time Sara Dunne was made temporary administrator after the departure of former top administrator Frank Sanarski.  The Dunne administration denies any such history. Yet this blog has reported many issues at the home. In recent past, the dining hall problem went public, when the home was found not to have a proper license to offer meals to visitors, and the administration was considering not to obtain the required license. Backlash from that decision along with the outright embarrassment to the administration  of the State Representative for this district Winnie Brinks offering to pay the cost of the license, forced the home to correct the problems and obtain the license.

This story will continue as the new administration takes place, and as more changes are being made to "streamline operations".

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