Monday, July 28, 2014

Vets Home Top Administrator Obstructing Veterans access to Congressional Representatives?

Once again, we have to report about Sara Dunne and this twisted, warped, and outright wrong idea she has about veterans and the Congress's, both US and State.

This past weekend, both Angry and I went to a Meet and Greet at a local retirement home, whose members hosted this event in their community room.

Guest of Honor was Democrat Governor candidate Mark Schauer who spoke to us about his vision of Michigan and its future.

At this meeting one of several Veterans Advocates who attended the meeting mentioned to Angry about a recent conversation she had with Sara Dunne. I inquired and the 3 of us ended up talking about it after Mark Schauer had to leave for another meeting.

Seems Sara Dunne, the top administrator at the Michigan Veterans Home(?!) in Grand Rapids, Mich told her that it was Saras' job to talk to the Congress people not individual veterans. And that she (Sara)  would not tolerate the veterans (members of the home) saying bad things about the home or the administration of the home to any member of Congress.

This is an out right violation of the veterans rights to speak to their duly elected representatives. This out right obstruction of their Constitutionally secured rights.

And while some people may think that this is just a rumor, I remind every one that Michigan State Congresswoman Winnie Brinks is the House of Representatives, Representative for this district which includes the veterans home; and she was escorted off the property for talking to veterans privately without staff approval. That action is well documented.

Since when does a member of congress need any ones permission to talk to anyone in his/her district, unless that person is in JAIL or PRISON?   Or is the Grand Rapids (home) for Veterans really the Grand Rapids Prison for Veterans?

There are those who think the Administration targeted Veteran members who started the Non Profit group Veterans for Justice for removal from the home. This non profit group has had several of its members kicked out of the home for various excuses by the administration. Most of the members believe they were kicked out for daring to stand up and voice their opinion and criticism of the Administration at the home. 

So to hear this latest bit of news, is not surprising.

What is surprising is that no one has found a good Constitutional lawyer willing to go after the administration yet. But I believe that day is coming sooner than they think.

At one point in time this blog reported a rumor about a secret meeting held at the home, where various people were told that a select small group of individuals where out there bad mouthing the home and trying to destroy its reputation.

I would like to update you on that. It is not a small group, now it is several groups and 3 are very very big groups with over 20 people who are reporting and spreading the news about the abuses and the ineffective staff and poor administrating going on at the home. And they are also telling folks that our Veterans deserve better. 

The Administration is doing it to itself. We are only trying to report what really happened, in other words, the facts. 

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