Sunday, June 22, 2014

Board of Mangers finally relents: Gives Greg M permission to Return to Guitars for Veterans.

May Board of manager meeting minutes have been posted, and we find that the board has given Greg M. permission to return to Guitars for Vets.

Click here to get the pdf file of the board minutes.

Just called Greg. Had a nice conversation with him, but he is a little confused. The letter he got did not address the 2nd issue.

Greg said that while hes disappointed that the board will not allow him to return as a visitor, he is grateful that the board has given him the chance to prove that he is not a threat to anyone at the home and that yes, he can follow the rules.

The board is allowing him to go to the guitars meetings ONLY at this time.  They are not allowing him to come on the property for any other reason at this time, nor did they address any future possibilities of that happening.

Greg told us that his lawyer sent the letter requesting his return, and offering a probationary period, which itself was not mentioned by the board either..

So hes going to give it a few months, and apply again for return to Visitor status, after hes established a record that hes not there to cause harm, or raise a ruckus.. and that hes just there to play guitar and visit the guys..  Greg says he will probably reapply after January.

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