Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jim Dunn, Deputy Director Michigan Dept Veteran Affairs Misrepresents the truth again.

Part of this story:  "  In April of 2013, the commission rejected union appeals and upheld the privatization of about 150 nursing aide jobs at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans at an estimated savings of $4 million a year.

At the 2013 hearing, veterans and state workers testified that more than 600 veterans who live at the home were endangered by low staffing levels and inadequate care under the contractor, J2S Group. The contract workers were paid about $10 an hour, roughly half what the state workers were paid, and J2S had problems filling full-time positions and retaining employees, officials confirmed.

But at today’s hearing, Jim Dunn, deputy director of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, said early problems have cleared up. He cited a drop in citations during federal inspections, down to two in 2013 from more than 20 citations in recent years."

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, again James Dunn.You don't have a CLUE as to whats going on at the home because you never walk its halls nor talk to the veterans who live there. 

Sorry Jim but I call a skunk a skunk, a cheat a cheat, and a winner a winner. In this case I call LIAR.

The home violated the law with over drugging of  veterans, without proper qualified medical supervision. They have double the rate of veterans on psychotropic drugs compared to other retirement homes in Michigan. With out proper medical supervision the home was supposed to REDUCE the amount of medication by 10 percent - they INCREASED IT.

Many guys do not complain because they are so drugged up they cannot. The others do not out of fear of retaliation by staff - which we have documented here happening many times. 

While many J2S workers are good people there are still enough who should never have been assigned to the home. Like some of the past union workers, they just get shuffled around to other units until they exhaust all of their options, and only then do they get dismissed. And if 1 veterans complains, its just 1 veteran. But 5, 10, 20, and only then does the staff (including Gary Davis) get off its lazy arse and actually look into the problem.

Also reducing the number of available beds down from 600 to 440 does make it easier for the staff.. but problems still exist and the home is still doing its best to avoid them or allowing them to get any media attention.


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