Friday, August 3, 2012

No Protected Right to "ADEQUATE health care"; Appeals court over turns Suit aginst GRH4V privatization.

The Michigan Appeals court has overturned the lawsuit issued by Tony Spalone, a veteran at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, who filed suit to stop the privatization of the health care givers.

According to the article at the Detroit free press,  The court overturned the lawsuit in part because:

"The appeals court ruled that Spallone can’t demonstrate he has a protected right to receive adequate care at the home because “he is free to leave the home at any time.” ???!!!!!! But what about those who cannot? Nothing is mentioned of their plight.

Hey Michigan Appeals court, are you really that f-cking crazy? EVERY one of us here at the vets home has a right to expect ADEQUATE CARE. We pay for it, and we have paid for it.. Who ever made that ruling has their head so far up their ass they won't see daylight for 8 days.. I cannot believe the stupidity of any person to make such a statement. They need to be removed from the bench. This is not over yet. Next stop, US Supreme court. Count on it.

Now this place takes every penny away from a veteran once the veteran gets here. IF they have any pension or disability income, the home takes it all and the veteran only gets 100 of it to use for his personal use. If the veteran has a big pension or large bank account, the home then uses the court system to impose a "conservator" or "guardian" on the vet, and the vet then becomes property to some unknown person who controls the assetts of the veteran, while he has no voice in it. He becomes imprisoned.

 Yeah, we know who is paying for health care - WE ARE. We paid for it with our service, we paid for it with our taxes and we pay for it with what little assets we have left now.. and we are left with NOTHING, and no where else to go.. And now the state F'ks us over with this garbage.

Now I am in the Dormitory unit, we have 1 nurse a day for 8 hours, no health care people. But we are watching what is happening to the other vets, and we do NOT LIKE what we are seeing. After all, we will be their NEXT VICTIMS in just a few years. No, This is going to get a lot of people angry and you are going to start seeing people pulled out of this place, and lawsuits filed.

Way to go MICHIGAN, ya losers! You will be the second state to declare that you cannot or will not,  take care of your veterans. Shame on all of you.

This is Rick Snyders way of driving veterans out, and to close down the facility. He wants the federal money, just not the responsibility that goes with it.. And that jerk says hes for veterans.. My ass he is.. and I'm independent conservative.

Maybe we do need to have a 2,000 man march on the front lawn of this place for the politicians to take notice of. . Maybe then they will take their heads out of their tails.


  1. So, do we know if the Home can proceed with their plans to privatize or not? I read the courts ruling in which they reversed the lower courts ruling and lifted the injunction, however the Court also refered the case back down to the lower Court to remedy their initial ruling. Do we know what course of action the Home intends take? Anyone who knows, the information will help us know what we can now expect now that the lower courts action has been reversed. Thanks for any information you can share

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