Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is Imprisoning veterans Standard Operating Procedure at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans?

It sure is starting to look that way.

News Flash : Dr. Bates denies Veteran his medication when he decides to leave Vets home and return to his home with his wife.

Let me introduce you to Another Fred, who just recently came to GRH4V. Fred is a disabled Nam Vet, who lost his legs.

Fred was here just under a month, and hearing about all the atrocities that have occurred in the last 2 years here under the Sara Dunn Administration, Fred decided to leave the vets home and return to his home.

I am told that Fred is diabetic. That he has some mental problems dealing with stress, and needs counseling.  No other major medical conditions exist.

So when he told them he was returning home, the staff got up set.

And today his wife came to get him, so that he would not be here for the month of august. If he is here even one day, they can charge him for the whole month.  August 1st is tomorrow.

Upon leaving the home, Dr. Bates refused to give Fred needed medication, saying his leaving was against medical advice. Now Fred has to stop at a VA center and try to get some, or the local hospital E-unit.

What we do not understand is this: Why does it appear that Grand Rapids home for veterans has a standard operating procedure to refuse people their RIGHT to leave when they choose? Why has the home appeared to have taken a stance that once you are here, you are incompetent and should never leave?

Fred is NOT the first person to go thru this kind of a situation. In Dom unit, another guy was told to give up the meds he got from the VA hospital, or leave.  He refused to give the VA hospital meds to the Dom unit nurses, because on the Dom unit, we medicate ourselves and KEEP our own meds. The only reason a nurse would ask for them is to take them away - and Richard refused to stop taking them, citing the need to from the VA medical staff who prescribed them.

So he was forced to leave and is now preparing a lawsuit against the homes administration.
In the mean time, the home has him listed as being on furlough (vacation) and refuses to release his medical records to the VA clinic, or VA hospital so that he can get his medication renewed.

Every time some one here, wants to leave this place, the home tells them it is against doctors orders, and threatens them with denial of future benefits and such.

I  think it all amounts to a standard operating procedure of once they get here, never let them go and that is called imprisonment.


  1. 1st off, I have never heard of a Nursing home, or state run home saying you cant have a scrip for needed meds, seems to me this person needs to see an Attorney. If he is paying for his own meds, they cant keep them and they cant give them to anyone else. Because this Dr Bates is on staff and works for the State and Federal Govt, he might not be able to write any scrip for a discharge, and they would have to contact their own Dr for renewal of the drugs. Usually you have a discharge order and plan before you leave a place, that includes new Dr and all you need. If you check yourself out it is going AMA and that may be part of the problem. Most places need a few days to work up a discharge and if not done right, they want to make sure their butts are covered. Best bet at this time is to contact Citizens for better care in Gr or call the hot line for Elder abuse in the phone book, by law they have 24 hrs to investegate any complaint. The Vets home cant not refuse to allow you to contact any outside help with concerns. Alot of these problems can be addressed by these 2 places. Maybe you need to post a phone number for others to have on hand. I get the feeling you are in one of the assisted living buildings and not on a skilled nursing unit, so you are more apt to see things like this. Keep in mind you have the right to ask questions and the Home has the right to not answer them without the other persons permission to release any info.

  2. Well you heard it now. I talked to Fred on his wife's cell phone as they were heading home after I published this article. And yes he was denied a script.

    They told the home last week that he would be leaving at the end of the month.

    Fred told me, other than the 24 hour constant nurse care, which he does not need for his diabetes, his life has not changed, so he might as well go home, and save the money, as it costs a heck of a lot to live on one of the nursing units. Some charge as much as 7 thousand a month.
    He was not getting any mental help, so why stay here?

    Again this is about his right to decide where he wants to live.

  3. Agreed, and he has the right to be treated with respect and dignity during his stay. Unless he has a court order, or anyone in the Facility is court ordered by a legel guardian, they can not be held against their wishes, Now this fred needs to contact his own Doctor to get the meds he needs. All too often, in the heat of the moment we tend to get in our own way and mess it up. His wife needs to speak for him if he cant speak for himself and stop any he said she said. Have him check with the office of the Cashier for a refund of the days he did not use. They cant just keep your money paid.


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