Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Bad Apple DOES ruin it for the rest.

<<<  Nice new toaster, eh? Less than 4 months old. Some IDIOT decided to use it improperly as a tray heater and the result was he ended up melting the top, thus making it a fire hazard.

At the Dom Meeting, the Activities person Dianna said she would replace this one, the 2nd in 6 months, abut that if it happened again, the veterans themselves would have to replace it.

Notice to this effect was posted on the walls of the 3rd floor Dom unit Pantry and within 6 hours, some idiot had already defaced the notice. Within 2 days the notice was torn down.

The people on DOM are supposed to be adults. Apparently we still have a few children.

1 bad apple is going to get the 3rd floor pantry privilege taken away.

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  1. abuse will go unchecked, some cant speak english, have no training as how or what to do for the job, residents in skilled care have trust in their caregivers and with this new set up, more confusion, more arguments with residents and less care. Some of the new staff will be overwhelmed and too flighty to even give half ass care. Family members, watch and listen to your family member now so you can check out any complaints cause everything you want for them in a facility will depend on you being strong enough to make that member safe and well dressed and if necessary fed. In contience insidents will rise cause they wont be toileted, and if the cargiver cant speak english, how will they communicate their needs.............. Keep us posted on this topic.


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