Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank you Branns Steak house!

Tommy Brann  from Brann's Steakhouse here in Grand Rapids, and his employees came to GRH4V today and did a steak and baked potato cook out  for us.  And these were no mere thin sliced boiled pieces of meat. These were 6 inch diameter chunks of meat, about an inch and a half thick, that looked like half of a softball.   Add a nice 4 inch by 3 inch baked potato, and you got one heck of a meal. Most of us who could, ate 2 of each. Delicious! Those dinners would be 15 to 20 bucks anywhere in town.

Tommy and his group put on one heck of a cook out. I wish we could have them like that every weekend in the summer. It was simply wonderful to have some REAL food for a change, and not the high calorie, high salt, low food value meals we get from our kitchens.

Thank You Tommy Brann, and your group. We hope you return again.

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  1. I love reading things like this. Thanks for all you Veterans do. Keep the posts coming


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