Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lies, thieving, and the same ole crud, different day.

I have been told by 3 different sources about the upcoming carnival, which will be held here for members, this next Saturday, the 28th.  

Apparently One of the tents of one of the groups, will be filled with clothing from where? The members clothing store!  That's right. The group sponsoring the tent, will fill their tent with items donated by the public, and they will give the impression that THEIR group donated the clothing items..  Talk about Misrepresentation and out right lying to the veterans.

Also in the news.  Sara Brooks, one of the main volunteer people, has a storage area in the Mann basement area. Apparently another individual has been given access to it, and this person named Walter, has been accused before, and reportedly caught before, stealing donated things. Well, now that Walter has access to Sara Brooks' storage area, she is now claiming things are coming up missing.  And now a new security camera has been placed down there to catch the crook.

Also, talking of stealing stuff. I personally have witnessed the Catholic priest, drive up to the main entrance, go into the building, go into the chow line, (he paid for his meal) and take the entire tray and everything out to his car and take off, on more than one occasion.

Well, its the same ole garbage going on around here.. I have some positive news from another group, but they have not yet given me the OK to make the announcement.. 


  1. In all fairness to the Priest, how do you know he doesnt return the dishes and tray ? Lets give him a chance to defend himself.

  2. The point is he should not be taking them off the property at all.


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