Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a MIRACLE! Stinky forced to shower. Update #3.

Amazing. This picture of stinky was taken yesterday when it was 97 degrees outside. Today we hit 100.

Recently a nursing assignment was changed, and the Dom unit lost Annette, the usual day nurse. We still have Kathy at night.

Annette was replaced by Jan, who worked this unit before. Well today Jan FORCED Stinky to take a shower and change his clothing, and bedding.

I saw Stinky about 20 min's ago and he looked clean and nice in his cleaner clothing.. but he was one very unhappy man.

Apparently Jan got on the elevator with him and his stench made her gag.

It is a shame that Annette or Kathy did not have the guts to do what Jan did.

Those of us on our unit, Salute Jan, give her 2 thumbs up, and Thank her for her dedication to duty. THIS is what we have needed for over 2 years.

Now hopefully it will be a more common experience for him.

Added news: I spoke to an eye witness this morning. It seems that the word came down thru Sara Dunne, acting administrator, that if he refused to take a shower, that he had 30 min's to pack his things and he would be expelled from the home. AND, that he had to start taking at least one shower a week and change his bedding once a week per the Home rules. 

Now if they can do that to a few other people, we will be in good shape here.

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